Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday November 2nd, 2019

November 4, 2019

Firespawn – The Great One
Car Bomb – Blackened Battery
Children Of Bodom – Silent Night Bodom Night
Children Of Bodom – Every Time I Die
Locistellar – Age Of Reason
Municipal Waste – Wave Of Death
God’s Eyes – Without Arms
Gatecreeper – Anxiety
Exhumed – Ravenous Cadaver
Pantera – Drag The Waters

From The Vault
Bolt Thrower – World Eater

Vader – The Great Deceiver
Widek – Skybridges
Belphegor – Spell of Reflection
Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam
Testament – The New Order

Brutal Poetry
Funebrarum – Beyond Recognition

Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills
Khemmis – Above The Water
Nile – Revel In Their Suffering

Caught In A Mosh
Internal Devour – Invoking The Grotesque
Deterioration – Too Chunked For Stitches
Invidiosis – Mescalin Induced Psychotic Break
Restraining Order – What Will You Do?
All Out War – Septic Infestation
Vermicular Incubation – Molecular Deformity

Between The Buried and Me – Camilla Rhodes
Slayer – Epidemic
Funeral Chic – Fantasy

The Beard Pick
Godmother - De Ovälkomna

Insomnium – Heart Like A Grave

Soilwork – Feverish
Motorhead – Overkill

The Dubsack
Year Of The Cobra – Battle of White Mountain
Green Lung – The Ritual Tree

Cannabis Corpse – Conquerors Of Chronogeddon
Killswitch Engage – The Signal Fire
Toxic Holocaust – Iron Cage
Tzompantli - Ohtlatoc Copa Ilcahualuztli
Origin – Socioside
Overkill – Hello From The Gutter
Quayde Lahue – Man In The Purple Robe
Rings Of Saturn – The Husk
Mayhem – Falsified and Hated
Cruel Hand – Decompose

The Dubsack – Round 2
Gurt – Weed It And Weep
Orange Goblin – Solarisphere

Prong – End Of Sanity
Slayer – Killing Fields
Chimaira – No Mercy
Nevermore – Beyond Within
Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized
Megadeth - Lucretia
Swallow the Sun – Firelights
Greying – Season Of Separation
Alcest - Les Jardins De Minuit