Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday September 30th, 2017

October 3, 2017

Botch: “Japam”
Cerebral Incubation: “Ascariasis Evisceration”
Arch Enemy: “The Race”
Converge: “Reptillian”
Haxxan: “Loch Ness Rising”
Biohazard: “Urban Discipline”
Terror: “Spit my Rage”
Slayer: “Disciple”
Children of Bodom “Damage Beyond Repair”
Goatwhore: “Chaos Arcane”
Cannibal Corpse: “Code of the Slashers”

From The Vault
Whiplash: “Power Thrashing Death”

Nile: “Masturbating the War God”
Cavalera Conspiracy: “Insane”
Opeth: “The Twilight is my Robe”

Brutal Poetry
Asphyx: “The Sickening Dwell”

Type O Negative: “Love You To Death”
Skeletor: “We Are The True”
Overkill: “Goddamn Trouble”

Caught In A Mosh-
WVRM: “Bag of Blades”
Analepsy: “Witness of Extinction”
Korpse: “Incinerate”
Tomorrow’s Victim: “Plagued with Putridity”

Zao: “The Host Has Bared Its Teeth”
Scale The Summit: “Cosmic Crown” Ft. Jeff Loomis
Scorpions: “Sails of Charon”

Beard Pick 
Oddism : “Age”

Gwar: “F*** this Place”
Municipal Waste: “Amatuer Sketch”
God’s Hate: “Divine Injustice”
God’s Hate “Mass Murder”

Pelican “Drought”
Monolord: “Wormland”

Pantera: ”Becoming”
Iron Maiden: “The Trooper (Live)”
Dying Fetus: “Panic Amongst the Herd”
Get The Shot: “Hostile”
Aborted: “Necrotic Manifesto”
Sick of it All ”Clobberin’ Time”
Soilwork “Momentary Bliss”
Testament: “Apocalyptic City”
Behemoth: “Chant for Eschaton”
Motorhead: “Overkill”