Wrestlemania 32 Weekend

The Childhood Dream Becomes a Reality!

April 21, 2016

So now that it's been a few weeks and I've had some time to come down off the insane cloud I flew back from Dallas on, I can look back at Wrestlemania 32 weekend and fully appreciate all the awesomeness. First off, much thanks goes to Migs from BJ and MIGS Mornings here on The Rock. If it wasn't for this dude bringing me down as his producer and assistant, this whole thing wouldn't have been a possibility. 

So now, where the hell do I start? 

Well, if you're reading this, there's reason to believe you already watched Wrestlemania, so there's no real reason to go over match results and all that. Instead, I'll show you some photos from the weekend and go over some of the key moments that made our weekend in Dallas so memorable. 


Migs and I set up the sound board at 3 am Friday morning to broadcast live from WWE radio row in the same area that would later be fileld to capacity with wrestling fans from all over, as it was right next to the NXT ring for their weekend TV tapings. Minutes after we set everything up, the one and only SASHA BANKS came strolling up to us like the boss that she is. It was so awesome to interview Sasha, and yes, she is as beautiful in person (if not more!). 


One of the coolest people we talked to over the entire weekend was Bray Wyatt, not just because he is a favorite of ours, but because he was just so down to earth. We chatted with Bray about music for damn near the whole interview, as he discussed how his favorite band is Rage Against the Machine. 

Unfortunately, we weren't able to chat with Bayley, but she's just so damn cool that I had to ask for a pic when she walked by. 

Later that night, we were lucky enough to meet a bunch of awesome WWE Superstars at a WWE media correspondent dinner. Here's Sin Cara, one half of the Lucha Dragons. LUCHA! LUCHA! LUCHA! 

We also ran into CESARO only two nights before his big return on Raw! 

On Saturday morning we attended WWE Axxess, which is a must if you are a wrestling fan attending Wrestlemania! It is a dream come true for any wrestling nerd, as they have props from WWE past events for everyone to drool over. Here you can see something fun for the kids - a foam pit where you can practice that moonsault you've been trying to perfect. 

BANG! Not gonna lie, the lines at Axxess are pretty gnarly, but it was totally worth it to wait in one to meet two of my favorite legends - Diamond Dallas Page and X PAC. 

WWE isn't the only game in town when Wrestlemania rolls through. Several smaller independent wrestling companies set up shop to draw attention from the massive crowds of fans gathered in the city. This is a photo of Pentagon JR from Lucha Underground preparing to battle the fierce warrior Sami Callihan ! 

This six way tag match was INSANE!!!! In one corner, you have Zach Sabre Jr, Brian Cage and Chris Hero - in the other corner you have Matt Sydal, Ricochet and Rey Mysterio. This match was buck nutty!

On the walk from the parking lot to the stadium on Sunday, I met the coolest Mick Foley fan ever. Such an awesome Cactus Jack cosplay!

And then,....it was time....it was time for WRESTLEMANIA 32. It would be impossible for me to sum up what this even was like for me in words, but just let me say I was a kid in candy land. AT&T Stadium in Dallas is downright monstrous (and gorgeous), and it was an incredible feeling to be there live to see all of this in person. If you're a wrestling nerd like Migs and I, I highly suggest saving your money and making a trip to Wrestlemania at least once in your life. It's wrestling heaven.