James Hetfield of Metallica

USA Today

Metallica's James Hetfield Takes a Tumble During Amsterdam Concert

September 5, 2017

James Hetfield appears to be developing a history of onstage mishaps.

In 1992, he infamously stepped into one of the pyrotechnics onstage, leaving him with many burns over his body. Then during their September 4th show in Amsterdam, Hetfield takes a tumble off the stage while in the middle of performing "Now That We're Dead."

Besides the obvious irony of the song, Hetfield is seen accidentally stepping into one of the open areas that were reserved for pyrotechnics. Thankfully a pair of members from Metallica's crew rushed over to assist him. Hetfield addressed the crowd soon afterwards saying, "Yes, I'm okay. My ego, not so much."

Watch it all happen below