Migs Blog 04/20/16 "John Cena vs. A Dude I Know!"

April 20, 2016

This is INSANE!  So I am a huge wrestling fan, and I was pumped to see that John Cena is hosting a reality show on FOX that happened to be filmed here in Washington (in the Puyallup/Eatonville area) called “American Grit”.  The show features four decorated US military veterans mentoring teams of four through obstacles and challenges. The winner of the show takes home a prize of one million dollars. 

The show is awesome, I highly recommend it!

Here is the crazy part… the most talked about contestant that was featured in episode 1 is a guy that I used to play hockey with a few years ago.  His name is Chris, and he blew up social media after that episode aired as he came off rather cocky and disrespectful to the lady that was his military mentor.  It led to him having John Cena pulling him aside and laying the smack down on him!  Check it out!

I am sure there are people that want to immediately poo poo this collaboration, but I have to say…after watchi8ng some videos online, I am sold on Axl Rose singing with AC/DC.  I am still shocked by it, but it makes sense after watching Angus Young jump on stage with Guns N’ Roses at the Coachella Festival!

Due to hearing issues, Brian Johnson is not able to perform with AC/DC, which totally sucks…and there seems to be some drama behind the scenes about that…but the band is going to continue playing live, and they tapped Axl to sing with them for 12 or so dates prior to G N R’s big stadium tour.

Here is footage of Angus on stage with Axl and the boys at Coachella…I’m digging it, what about you?