Migs Blog: Activate Beast Mode!

June 6, 2016

Even though he is retired…or we think he is…Marshawn Lynch still finds ways to entertain!  This video surfaced this weekend and it’s a teaser for an interview that Marshawn did with 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime.  The opening moment where he gives them a hard time about not springing for food has me sold on this for sure!

Check it out tomorrow on Showtime!

Speaking of Marshawn…he made an awesome appearance at the Stanley Cup Finals!  The San Jose Sharks have a cool pre-game ritual (similar to the Hawks raising the 12 flag) where they have a celeb with local ties rally the fans and open the door that leads the players out to the ice. 

Marshawn did it on Saturday, and the Sharks won…he might be their good luck charm!