5 Takeaways From the Seahawks Cuts and Contracts

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January 12, 2018

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What's up 12s! 


Our boys in the Seahawks program have been BUSY! They've signed a lot of future contracts and cut ties with some important positions. What can we take away from it all? Let's dive in.


5. Signing Jason Myers (K)

​I don't think anyone can really debate that this was not a dismal year for the Seahawks when it came to crucial kicks. There were at least 3 if not more games that the Seahawks relied on Blair Walsh to make up for lost points that he failed in stunning fashion. I gave the man all the support in the world, he was our kicker now, and he continued to fail me time and time again. Now we have some fresh blood as competition for kicker. His numbers unfortunately rival Walsh's, but at this point, I think the fan base would just like someone other than Walsh.


​4. A Fresh Offense All Around

​​Ask any Seahawks fan for the past 3 years what we need to change and about 95% of them would all mention that the offensive line is by far our weakest point, and a lot would make a snappy comment about how if we want to be successful we have to boot Bevell and Cable, well guess what kids. Let's give credit where it is due. Both men led us to the Super Bowl twice with 1 victory, and they did it with a sub-par line. These traits have not gotten us far at all in the latest years unfortunately and changes need to be made. Depending on whom they hire to replace these guys, the Seahawks could have a delightfully unpredictable offense next year, hopefully they will be able to put together an offensive line that will allow Wilson to breathe a little and make non-emergency plays happen. The organization also signed 2 linemen and a receiver to future contracts from the practice squad. We're gonna get a little more depth on the offense next season, good or bad, it'll be new.

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​3. Defensive Struggles?

​Rumor has it that along with the firing of Bevell and CAble, Kris Richard is not expected to return next season. This is the announcement that has me the most troubled because offensive problems and massive injuries aside, Richard's defense was giving the Seahawks a winning season every year. I've heard he's up for a head coaching spot and he totally deserves it, but we will truly feel his absence in my opinion. On top of that, there are talks that Cliff and Kam will have issues coming back, which I think also means Bennett will struggle again next season. Sherman's injury isn't one that you really just walk away from either. The Legion of Boom is severely damaged if not on the brink of dismantlement. DOn't be surprised if our defense takes a hit next season.

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​2. Less Salary Cap Issues

​​Not sure how much everybody was getting payed, but I also believe that we haven't seen the end of the cuts that the Seahawks are making. This, of course, gives us less restriction with the Salary Cap and allows Carroll to do what we know he does well and that's put an awesome team of rookies together. He's also got an arsenal of players that can help the younger guys develop to make this team into the powerhouse that we know it to be. 


1. Year of Surprises

​As I said, we haven't seen the last of the cuts this offseason. I expect a looooot of fresh faces on that field next season so this will be a year that surprises us. Whether it's good or bad for us, only time will tell, but I'm a little excited about things being shaken up.


​​But these are the opinions of one crazy fan. If I'm wrong, send me an email and let me know! What do you expect to see? That's all I've got for you this week. With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!