A Harsh Write Off

Hawk on Hawk Action

December 9, 2019

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

What up 12s!

Well...that happened. If you're like me, you spent an angry night in your chair watching the Hawks go down in pretty rough fashion on Sunday Night. But, before you burn the jerseys, let's cover a couple things really quick that show that this wasn't as devastating as we may think. 


Granted that it wasn't much of a factor last week, but our boys were still recovering from that nasty flu bug this week. The afflicted players that got the most attention for it were Moore and Lockett, but I would hazard a guess that Russ was fighting it off this week. As I watched and tried to break down why they looked, sorry to say it, sluggish and sloppy Sunday night, Russell was looking tired and exhausted. I would put money down that the man was hurting bad that night, along with a few other players.


I've noted it time and time again that the Rams can be the worst team in the league, and still dom out a victory against us, especially on their home turf. I'm not terribly superstitious but they've just got our number man. They run every trick play in their book and they summon all of their strength against us each and every time we meet. 


A massive loss this week in Rashaad Penny. On a couple of different factors, the main of which is the loss of depth. We're a run team. We shove Carson down your throat until he's had his fill and then we follow it up with seconds in the form of Penny, and when you're finally exhausted, we'll fling it down field to the receivers. Losing Penny took that away. Now, if Carson isn't in the backfield, it's a safe bet that it's either going out to the receivers, or a screen pass to Prosise, who hasn't shone too bright in the last couple years. This makes our game plan too predictable to beat an opponent like the Rams.


Look, I'm like you gang. I want another banner dropped in the CLink. I want a division title again at least. But we could afford to lose this one. There's 3 weeks left in the regular season, and we're in good position. Not to say that we couldn't blow it, but we're on a trajectory that leads to make a post-season appearance. Which is what makes all factors lead to my sad opinion that, we looked like we were playing at half-throttle the whole day. The defense was the only side of the ball that was doing anything (Hell of a game Diggs!) but even then it felt lack-luster. The defense would finally make a stop, but the offense just couldn't move the ball. 

More of a bad optics game than anything, but if I know how our crew operates, they're going to dissect each play in those tapes and come back stronger than ever to finish out the season. Hang in there gang. If 1 bad loss is all it takes to undo a great season, what kind of fans are we? Put some ice on them burns and we'll take it out on some Panthers next week! Let's do this! Mike Hawk is OUT!