A New Face?

Hawk on Hawk Action

February 10, 2020

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s!

There's some buzz about the league that veteran Tight End Greg Olsen is making a visit to the Seahawks later on this week.

A quick rundown, Olsen is coming into his 14th year with the league, sans a team after being released by the Carolina Panthers earlier this year. The man is 35 years old and has been a huge weapon for Carolina for years!

What does this mean for Seattle? It says that we're looking at our Tight End game in the same light as we did our running game in the past. You may recall a couple of years ago when we brought in the help of Green Bay running back Eddie Lacy. The intent was to bring in a big time veteran to teach and coach the younger class. While Lacy didn't make much of an impact on the field himself, the fruit of his labor showed itself in the following seasons as Chris Carson became a force to be reckond with (before he injured himself). I haven't heard as much when it comes to Olsen, but I can't see him as being any different. With the spectacular performance of Hollister in the last season, and an excellent effort from Dissly in the time that he wasn't injured, I can't see the Seahawks trying to bring in Olsen as a replacement. 

What this DOES mean, in my opinion, is that we're going to see a lot more targets to both Hollister and Dissly in the seasons to come. Looking around the league, it's moving toward the future of the game. And the position that I've been vouching for for a handful of seasons at this point, is Tight End. It's an under-appreciated position that comes in quite handy in a pinch. A position that I think we've neglected in Wilson's time with us (i.e. the years we had Jimmy Graham and basically wasted his talent.) So I'm very excited to see how this comes to fruition!

That's all I've got for now 12s! I'll keep my ear to the ground on things to come and I'll let you know when I know! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!