Are We 12s Being Too Hard On Thomas?

Hawk on Hawk Action

July 9, 2018

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

What's up 12s


We're starting to hear the rumble come from the VMAC which means that preseason is right around the corner! No really, the first preseason game is exactly 1 month away! Thursday August 9th at 7pm PST the Seahawks will host the Indianapolis Colts to welcome us back to that glorious time of year! BUT! That's not what we're here to talk about. There's been a lot of buzz this offseason about the greatest safety in the league Earl Thomas.


The chatter began last season when we played against Dallas and Thomas made a point to visit the locker room, and it sure sounded like he was telling the coach to pick him up if they got the chance. All hell broke loose and Hawk fans statewide started to burn their jerseys. It progressed throughout the offseason, with stories sprouting up from all forms of hairtrigger media wanting the be the first to report the traitorous exchange, and now Earl held out of the mandatory mini-camp. Here are the fact folks, Earl signed a contract that keeps him with the team throughout the 2018 season, and making him a free agent for the 2019 season bringning him toward the end of an 8 year stretch with the team where he has delivered some impressive numbers.


Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Earl. The position has been covered like a blanket ever since he's been starting it, and anything that has gotten past him, I have been able to safely say was an unavoidable play. I want Earl Thomas on the Seahawks until his retirement, I want 29 to be retired in Century Link, but at the end of the day, the NFL is a business. NFL teams hold little to no loyalty to their players, so why should the players have to do differently? He's going to look out for himself, just like any player and organization would. As much as I still want him in the backfield, he's a grown man that makes his own decisions. 


Push comes to shove, this is all talk. This could be a bunch of drama being built up so he gets the pay day, or foreshadowing the blow to come. Whichever decision is made, Earl has been a fantastic asset to the team, he came back bigger and better than ever after his injuries which I think says volumes about his ability. I truly hope the Hawks pay up for him, and we get to enjoy a few more years with ET3!

That's it for this week 12s! Preseason is creeping ever closer, with that...Mike Hawk is OUT!