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Hawk on Hawk Action

December 3, 2019

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

What is UP 12s!

As a great Seattle caster coined "My Oh My!" What a game! (I know it's baseball, but it still fits). Don't tell the boss, but I had the game streaming since kickoff and I ran to the bar after the show to watch this display! I was skeptical, I was shakey, the Vikings are a contender and are not to be taken lightly, but the boys got it done primetime at home once again. You've got to say this about the Hawks, if they're the feature team, they never dissappoint to make it a hell of a game!

On offense, they continue to show just how deep their well goes, and continued to put up an argument as to why Russ is MVP this year. We were playing with a couple guys fighting the flu on Monday night (Lockett & Moore) and the depth that this team has made that a non-issue. Lockett was quiet most of the game, and Moore was only targeted a couple of times which turned into massive plays. They stuck to the run game which I thought was perfect, make them stop it, and when they do, change it up and make em stop it again. Russell was slinging like a madman behind that line. I know I've been skeptical and critical of him in years past, but we are seeing a man that we haven't seen before. He's not just making plays, he's commanding it, demanding it and almost willing it to be so. The guy is never out of the game, there is ALWAYS an option and a play to be made, and the rest of the team feels it and is fueled by it.

Defensively speaking, the guys just can't stop getting better. Game after game we are seeing the rebirth of the great Legion, speaking of which, this particular crew needs their own title. I don't want to sit here and call them the LOB 2.0, they're good enough to get their own title. Clowney was seeing red all game and was looking for blood, that whole front line for that matter. Reed, Jefferson, Green, Griffin, all of em were constantly adjusting to jam that hole shut. Them losing Cook worked in our favor, but not near as much as they'd have you believe, these boys are good. The backfield was shutting Diggs down all day and giving Cousins NO options! Another fantastic showing by the defense consisting of turnovers a plenty!

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention a specatacular Special Teams play on 4th down, and a great first showing for the rookie star of last night Travis Homer!

It's good to be back on top of the conference gang! I'm confident that it'll hold up, but I'm enjoying what we get! Right now I'm just looking forward to what's next, 1 game at a time! We've got another primetime game next week and it's gonna be a doozy! We're down in LA for round 2 agains the Rams who have been slipping this season, but make no mistake, they want another shot at us and they're bringing their all. Regardless, it's going to be a fun one to watch, I'll catch you all then! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!