Between The Lines of SEA @ AZ

Hawk on Hawk Action

October 1, 2018

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Hola 12s!


Another win under our belts, but not without some scrutiny and losses on our part. Let's dive right in and break it down.



That first drive was textbook! I loved every moment of it! We established the run game and made it work, our backs were patient as well as quick thinking and we truly maxed out the run game. Russell was finding his receivers downfield and for a moment, I LOVED that they were getting away from the scramble drill and working with some more trick plays, I was filled with a ton of optimism for the rest of the season. Then as the game went on, it felt like our boys just started losing their way. Runs didn't go as far, passes were dropped or poorly thrown. Before we knew it, it was 3rd down and our conversion was abysmal. Overall, the offense is coming together and getting better and better each week, but with a cupcake like the Cards, we've got some growing to do if that's the best we can put forward. They get a B- from me this week. That being said, I think I can speak for most fans when I wish Dissley a speedy recovery. That young man has a lot of promise in this league, and we'll see him back better than ever next season. Thoughts are with ya brother.

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Defense once again showed themselves to be the brighter star in the game. It still feels like we're getting lucky with some of the turnovers, but Tre Flowers' strip had no luck involved, an excellent job. We had some issues stuffing the run game later on in the afternoon, and Fitz continues to be the biggest pain in the ass to deal with in Arizona, but all in all, they held their own and did their job Sunday. Hate losing Earl as well. Amid all the drama and press between him and the team, I hate to see it furthered with all this. I'll also put my 2 cents in with the middle finger. It looked more like a gesture to some possible flak coming from the Seahawks sideline, I seriously doubt there was some deeper meaning as if he were to say "F this team" with that gesture. I'm prepared to change that statement if more comes out, but I don't think this was malicious. Regardless, without him, we're going to have to up the game in our secondary. This probably means McDougald resuming his backup safety role, and possible Shaqueem coming back in. Personally, I'd like to see what Shaqueem does in Earl's slot, but the team is going to do what they do, and we'll find out how they move things around next week. Overall grade: A-

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Special Teams about coming in when it counts. Not talking about Dickson, again, that man is fantastic and I hope he sticks with this team for a decade or two. Nope, talking yet again about the performance by ol Seabass. I was one of the people ignoring his record in Oakland because of the impossible kicks they routinely gave him, but the man is proving to be unpredictable at all distances. Granted, he came through when it counted in the end, but it would have been a different game if he had come through in the first place. I foresee another season with a kicker like Blair Walsh ahead of us, hearts full of fear when it comes down to the kick. Regardless of whether he ups his game throughout the rest of the season or not, I don't expect to see him on the roster next season. Overall grade: C

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That was an ugly week 12s. Improvements in some places, yes. A win, yes. But if we don't make the necessary adjustments, we may find that we spiral back into that team that just seems to fall into win after win, and then gets knocked out in the playoffs. Hopefully all my skepticism is wrong, and they were just pulling their resources to prepare themselves to host the Rams next week, which is going to be the ugliest game we've seen all season. Stay strong 12s, we could be in for quite the ride. With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!