Devastation in Detroit

Hawk on Hawk Action

October 29, 2018

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

What's happenin 12s!


What a spectacle to behold this weekend! Hawks notch another win in yet another dominating performance in Detroit! I got to say, I like the chemistry that's building with this team, it's gaining some serious momentum and it's a bit electric! Let's break it down!



Really my only gripe about offense was that opening drive, didn't start on the right foot, but they made up for it in spades. Russell had a perfect passing game, the run game was just as effective as it needed to be, and the arsenal just keeps getting bigger. Not only do we have Carson and Davis kicking some serious ass in the running position, we've got Vannett with hands like I haven't seen before (When he stays in bounds) along with Dickson who is a welcomed addition, although I would still like to see Dissley come back healthier and stronger than ever. Not to mention our receiving corps continuing to grow with Moore and Lockett constantly finding a way to get open and make the plays needed for Wilson, and that offensive line is looking better than it has in nearly a decade. An overall A+ once again this week for offense.

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Basically the same story as the offense, the opening drive left something to be desired and I was gearing up for a long game after it, but they came back with a vengeance and a fire that did quit all game long. 2 Fumble recoveries, and one beautiful interception , paved the way for the Seattle defense to shut down any game that the Lions could bring forward. The pass rush was unstoppable, the run game was stuffed, and the receivers couldn't break free. We're still letting the short pass go, but they more than make up for it in turnovers. Another excellent performance, and an A+ grade for the defense once again. 

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Special Teams

Nothing to complain about here in the slightest. Seabass was 4/4 on extra points, and Michael Dickson, oh God love Michael Dickson, averaged 45 yards per kick, had a long of 60 yards, and a beautiful 4th and 9 rush, on our own freakin 1 yard line, to get the first down. What a beautiful performance. I don't care what it's going to cost to keep this man in this city and happy for a good long time, but I plead with the management to pay it handsomly. A+ all day baby.


Another great game, and another Sunday that makes me proud to wear the Blue and Green each week. We're hosting the 5-2 Chargers next week, who are coming off of a bye. But fear not 12s, their record is not as intimidating as it seems, they've beaten such titans as, the Bills, the Browns, the Niners, the Titans, and the Raiders......not exactly warming up for the Super Bowl here. They are still an NFL team, so we need to treat them with as much fire and determination as we have been all year, but we can walk away from this one with a win no problem. Until then 12s, stay loud and keep the momentum going! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!