Draft Picks Part 3

Mike Hawk's Fired Up

June 29, 2020

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s!

Time keeps rolling as we get closer and closer to the hopeful start of the NFL season. With this virus having affected the entire globe since the month of February, and the US heavily since March, they would have had plenty of time to formulate some kind of plan to have football on TV.....we can hope. IN THE MEANTIME, we've got one final round of looking at last year's draft picks and seeing just how they performed, and I'm not going to lie gang, I'm really excited about this one because....

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Pick #9 - RB Travis Homer - Miami

Probably one of the biggest breakout players of the draft, Travis Homer made one hell of a splash. We've covered Metcalf, we've covered Blair, but people understandably expected little performance from Homer, being that he's a late 9th pick. But there was one play in particular that spring boarded his performance with the Seahawks, and it was this beauty right here.

From that point, he went on to rush for 114 yeards over 18 carries with a 6 yard average, increasing his utilization after Carson's unfortunate injury. In my opinion, the Hawks played Homer perfectly. He's not a Marshawn Lynch, he's not going to bust through 2-300lb men and continue to run to the endzone. He's quick, he's tough, and he can maneuver like a madman, and his stats showed it. I truly hope we see a lot more of Mr. Homer in the coming seasons.

Pick #10 - DT Demarcus Christmas - Florida State

More of what we expected Homer to produce, Christmas did make the final cut, but was placed on the Reserve List where he stayed for the remainder of the season. I have to admit though, the number of puns and one-liners that players and fans could come up with based on the man's name alone makes me hold out hope that he earns his way to the starting roster.

And finally...

Pick #11 - WR John Ursua - Hawaii

We wrapped our draft with a surprise addition after a trade which brought us John Ursua. Another relatively quiet season for the young man, but he did manage to get his hands on the ball once for a massive 11 yard carry., Good enough in my book!

And there you have it. The 2019 Draft picks and their performances! Hope that tided you all over at least a bit. We'll have football again soon gang! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!

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