Eagles Sore

Hawk on Hawk Action

January 6, 2020

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

What is up 12s!

Have I used this title before? I might have earlier this year. Regardless, it's fitting! We're in the Divisional Round gang! And what a weekend of playoff football it was!

I'll go ahead and give a ton of credit to the Vikings, I thought for sure a win against the Eagles was going to send us directly into a rematch in San Fransisco against the Niners, but the Vikings pulled a massive upset and have gummed things up. Now, as it stands, we've got to go through the Packers in Green Bay this coming weekend, and THEN off to Levi Stadium to take on our rivals, barring that they don't get blown out in another huge upset by the Vikings, which would make Seattle, once again, the hosts of the NFC Championship game! I gotta say, I'm not too confident about that idea, we've been rolling rather well on the road and I say do what works!

This game was also PERFECT for our boys! Eagles fans are coming out of the woodwork talking about the practice squad that the Hawks were playing against on Sunday, but we were up against Wentz through roughly half the game, Ertz was injured, but in the game, Cox was devastating all game long, and Sanders was a problem throughout. Don't tell me that our boys were playing a bunch of greenhorns out there. That was a good team, on their home turf. BUT.....our boys proved to be better! The offensive line was still proving to be the weakpoint, but that Wilson/Metcalf matchup was MONEY this weekend! Greatest showing for the rookie I've seen all season. That second effort for the touchdown, clinch catches, and that big one at midfield to ice the game was poetry in motion. Wilson has another weapon at his disposal and it's DK.

The run game was also FINALLY used properly. I had been telling everybody. I like Travis Homer, he's a good runner with a lot of spirit and heart, and he makes plays happen, but you can not run him up the gut. He's too small, not strong enough, and our line isn't strong enough to blow a hole open wide enough. When Homer goes up the middle, it's a waste of a down in my opinion. Throw him a screen pass or a read option and he's gold. He's my choice every time, but he cannot go up the middle and the offense was starting to implement that theory and I love it! Plus, gotta love when ol Beast Mode tractors in for a textbook Marshawn Lynch touchdown. If, lord willing, we make it and win the big game, they will retire 24 in Century Link. Mark my words.

The defense had a great showing as well, holding them to mere field goals and not letting anything through. That, combined with some bad play calling on Philly's side, let to a great showing for our defense. With the Clowney hit, this is where the title comes from, it was not dirty. It was not intentional. Clowney is not Suh, he's not out to just hurt people for the sake of hurting people. He attempted to make a play happen on a QB that hadn't shown signs of giving up the play yet and heads collided. He didn't lead with his head, he led with his shoulder and the impact of the hit did the rest. Cool your heels. 

This was a great showing by our boys and furthered my theory that Pete is concealing plays and ideas for situations like these when they're most useful. We're going in to Green Bay next week for round 2, and it's sure to be another explosive playoff display. Fly those banners, wear that Blue and Green and let em hear ya from the rooftops 12s! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!