Exit The Dragon

Mike Hawk's Fired Up

March 16, 2020

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s,

Gotta say, this post is coming a crisp 5 weeks too early, but the inagural season for our Seattle Dragons has come to a close. The XFL put out a statement earlier this week signaling the official end of the season.

I saw some in the comments wondering if they would pick the season back up at some point to give it a proper finish, but from the tenor of that post it doesn't sound like that's going to happen. This leaves our mighty Dragons with a finishing record of 1-4, marking our only win at home against the Vipers in week 2. Gotta tell ya gang, I was stoked to watch another half of the season as our team was gaining a little momentum and chemistry, you could see clearly that they were going to let the horse off the reins at any point and turn it loose for the biggest comeback this league has ever seen, championed by the great BJ Daniels at the helm on offense, and Steven Johnson taking the leadership roll on the defense. It was going to be a fun second half to see.

But don't fret my fellow football fans, for our boys haven't left us without possibly the GREATEST cliff-hanger in football history! Let me put it to you all properly. It's early February 2021, NFL is winding down and we're gearing up for the beginning of the Dragon's second season, but they're playing with the biggest chip on their shoulder. In the inagural season for the fire-breathers of the NW, their season was cut short. Not by 5 weeks, not by 5 games.....but by 3 seconds. Our boys were a sharp 3 seconds away from the greatest comeback in the history of the XFL that would likely launch them into a massive win-out of the remainder of the season. Leaving none uncharred in their path to victory for the cup. With this unfinished business burning in the heart of Seattle for a year, they laid in wait, pining for the moment that they got to show the world that the Seattle Dragons were the most underrated team in all of the XFL!

So no, I'm not disappointed, I'm not sad, I'm waiting, with fevered excitement at the opportunity to watch our team take up the mantle again, and rain hellfire down upon the league in a storm the likes of which they have never seen before. Among the ever-dropping rain in Seattle sits a burning heart, ready.....to breathe fire. We'll be back 12s...with that...Mike Hawk is OUT!


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