Filling The Void

Hawk on Hawk Action

February 3, 2020

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s!

Well, here we are again, that cold dark time that football has departed and now we look toward the far off season. It was a great year that our boys gave us, and we can't wait to get back to the next season and watch em tear apart the league all over again! But before we get there, we've got the Combine coming up in a couple weeks, and the Draft is just a few short months away! In that time, we've got an open floor of Free Agents that we may be able to steal! But where do we need to fill our gaps? Here's my take

1. The O-Line

As a Hawks fan, our gripe has been that O-line for years. Probably the more frustrating part, is that our team manages to survive on a cheap front line, which may continue Pete and John's deterance from spending too much on it. That being said, I like most of our line in Fant, Britt, & Fluker. Our only real hole there would be Ifedi on the right side, who is already up as a free agent. Personally, I'd like to see us resign Fant, part with Ifedi, and see if we can't pick up a winer of a Tackle like Humphries from Arizona, or Demar Dotson from Tampa Bay. Might be a long shot to get these guys to spend some coin on the line, but a man can dream.

2. Corners

Don't bite my head off just yet. I'm a fan of Shaq Griffin, I think he has potential, but finishing his 3rd year, I would've liked to have seen a little more out of him by now. Granted, I'm used to having the best corner in the game, a corner that I took for granted, and Shaq didn't get beat on nearly as much as Flowers, who I believe is our weak side that we should explore options about. This team thrives on in-competition, and there doesn't feel like there is any between Griffin and Flowers. Flowers is the weak side by far, and, therefore, Shaq can get comfortable in his position. I think we need to find someone that's going to not only bolster that secondary, but will also give Shaq a run for his money and boost him to the next gear of his career. As far as Free Agents we could possibly snag, I'd look the way of Phillip Gaines out of Houston, or Kevin Johnson from Buffalo.

Just some food for thought, we've got a long off season, and an exciting one at that. I do enjoy seeing all the movement that takes place fresh after the game. I'll be here with updates! But until then....Mike Hawk is OUT!