Despite a loss, Plenty to be excited for

Hawk on Hawk Action

January 7, 2019

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Hey there 12s


Well, it's that sad, sad time again that we never want to see, the end of the Seahawks season. Now we bid our boys farewell, and begin the countdown to the beginning of the preseason (30 weeks). BUT! it was a fantastic year full of fun and entertaining football!

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I'd give a little recap and analysis of the game usually at this point, but I'm going to sum it up with this. Offensively, Defensively, and Special Our boys left it all out on the field in Dallas, we just got outplayed. They stuffed our run game, our receivers couldn't get open or Wilson didn't have enough time in the pocket to make the plays happen. They chewed up our defense, Zeke was able to get out and around our line and through our secondary. We lost Seabass after giving us what I assume is his last kick in the NFL and were all on the edge of our seats to watch Dickson make a game-winning field goal, but alas, it just wasn't in the cards for us this year.

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Keep in mind, despite a heart-breaker of a loss this weekend, this was still a win on the season for our boys. They were counted out of contention for the playoffs before the draft even happened last year due to the rebuild. They were underestimated in every game they went into at the beginning of the season. They were looked away from when they went 0-4 in the preseason and 0-2 in the regular season and by the end of it all, they had a far superior record than anyone expected of them, they solidified their position in the playoffs while the Super Bowl Champions of yesteryear were dependant on the loss of another team, and they had America's Team sweating bullets as they were poised to make another patented Seahawks 4th Quarter Comeback.

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As expected, this team is ending a great season with a large chip on their shoulder. They wanted another opportunity that they'll bring to the forefront next season, this time with a vengence. I wouldn't call for any firings that I've already seen in the comments sections of many an article, I might let a contract or two run out though. This team has the bones, the talent, and the drive to be another competitive team that this fan is eager to see how they improve next year. Stay the course 12s, our boys will be back, better than ever! Cuz we get Dissley back! With that, Enjoy the playoffs and the ProBowl! Mike Hawk is OUT!