Going Pro

Hawk on Hawk Action

January 20, 2020

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

What's up 12s!

Well, not the ending to the season that we wanted, but one that can leave us proud. Our boys gave us a heck of a season, another year of people telling the fans of Seattle that our team was too young, inexperienced, and flat-out weak to make it even to the playoffs. Not only did we make it to the playoffs, we where a whisper's breath away from making it all the way to the conference championship. Did I want us to go to the big show? Of course, I always want our boys to do well. But the display that they put on against Green Bay was indicative of our season's play and we got what we had coming to us. Our style of play seems to be, from a fan's perspective, to hang back and let the opposition think they've got the unpperhand, and then pull the carpet in the 2nd half, put it on Russell's shoulders, and hope we can take it all back. I'm likely wrong, but the point is, is it's not a sustainable way to play. We stole a couple games this year, and paid for plenty. Nevertheless, I'm still proud of my team, from players to coaches to fans. A proud 12.

Now then, with my review of the last game out of the way, we've got the Pro Bowl coming up! 1 final opportunity to rekindle the love we all have for the game, and leading the charge for the NFC this year is our boy, Russell Wilson! coming back for his 7th Pro Bowl, Wilson is going to be the starting QB for the NFC, his 2nd time starting if I'm not mistaken.

But that's not the only NW player we'll see on the field, we've got Bobby Wagner commanding the defense as well! An accolade that the both of them deserve. I would've liked to have seen a couple more of our boys out on the field like Lockett, Metcalf or Clowney, but Il'l take what we get.

Big game comes up next, then we go back into our caves to slumber and feed until the next season starts up! I'll be here to keep you company in the meantime 12s! With that.....Mike Hawk is OUT!