Hawk on Hawk Action

Divisional Playoffs

January 10, 2017

Well 12s, we’re here again! A position that the NFL has seen us in for the last 5 years straight, The Playoffs. And we’re off to a dominant start. The Seahawks elimination of the Lions on Saturday was reminiscent of a Seahawk team that we’ve been trying to get back to since Super Bowl 49. The offense was clicking, and the defense was impenetrable, beating the Lions on all fronts and sending them packing back to Detroit.

Now, if you’re like me, your celebration of a great victory was a little short lived as you looked toward the future and began to break down what’s next for the Hawks. The answer is simple my friend: Atlanta. Let’s not climb all of Everest in a single day, we need to focus on getting past Atlanta. Here’s what I can tell you about this matchup…

  1. They’re battle tested: Nobody limps their way into the #2 seed of the playoffs. Home-field advantage comes with being one of the toughest teams on the gridiron. They’ve proven themselves against teams that we couldn’t this season, including Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Arizona and New Orleans. We can’t walk into this one puffing our chest thinking that we’ve got the victory in the bag.
  2. They’re healthy:  The thorn in our side in week 6, to nobody’s surprise, was Julio Jones. Sherman proved to be the best we had against him, but he would line up on our weaker side after a few routes and come down with the ball totaling 137 yards for the entire game. If we’re going to come out ahead this weekend, containing him will be a hell of a chore.
  3. We’re banged up, but…: I’m not going to sugarcoat it - our boys have had to struggle through some rough injuries this season. Safe to say that the hardest blow came with losing Earl Thomas. BUT! We’re in a lot better shape than we were when we last met with the Falcons. In week 6, Kam Chancellor, Thomas Rawls, CJ Prosise, Frank Clark and the man himself Russell Wilson were all fighting, if not out, with injuries. We’ve gotten a few of those boys back to full health and are looking to be in better shape to take on the Falcons again.
  4. We’ve got a bone to pick: I take my fellow 12s back to January 2013. We had a fresh young Quarterback and a seemingly unstoppable Running Back and we had found our way back into the playoffs after a short drought, squeaking in as the #5 seed. We went into Atlanta to take on the #1 seed Falcons. Going into the 4th quarter down 7-27, it looked like it wasn’t our year to make it back to the Superbowl. But a 21 point rally, gave the Hawks a 1 point lead, with a mere 30 seconds left in the game. Only for those hopes of seeing the NFC Championship to be crushed by an impossible series by the Falcons, putting them in range for a field goal to take the game by a lousy 2 points. I went to work the next day in one of the worst of moods and the Seahawks were left with a bad taste in their mouths. They now have the opportunity to settle that score…

A lot of people are giving the Falcons the edge to come out ahead in this game, and rightfully so. But there is a reason why they talk about the statistics, and the teams play the game. The Hawks are strong, healthier, and have positive momentum going into this game. There is a real possibility of a Seahawks victory. I predict a game a lot like the one against the Patriots - slow, methodical, fundamental football. And we’ll come out ahead.


That’s all I’ve got for you this week, with that GO HAWKS!

Mike Hawk is OUT!