Mike's Top 5 OL in the Combine

March 4, 2019

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What's up 12s!

Been a while! But we're back in action and already starting to stack the deck for next season! We've been working through the combine and seeing a lot of new talent coming into the league that we can't wait to get out hands on! Now, we already know that Pete and John aren't going to do a whole lot of shopping for the O-line during the draft, they tend to wait until afterwards and then snag one on the cheap. BUT! Your boy has kept his eyes opened and taken a gander at some of the guys putting up some good numbers. Here's my Top 5:


#5 Iosua Opeta - Weber St.

How can a guy that cranks out 39 reps on the bench not make the list? He's a hungry kid that wants it bad and he's been putting up some decent numbers, but his biggest issues are things that would be difficult for Tom to fix. What the evaluators at the combine have seen is while he's massive and strong (Which we need for Russ) he's also slow and a little clumsy, which could be due to his size. They're saying that he's slow off the snap which gives the defender a better chance of breaking through, and they also comment about his foot movements and hand positioning being too gradual and inaccurate. I think these are things that can be worked out of him as he comes into the league, but it would be a lot of time and work and he would need to put that hunger and focus into those little things.

#4 Jonah Williams - Alabama

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Boy did the evaluators have a lot to say about Mr. Williams. One of the strengths that they reported that really caught my eye was "Hones craft with noticable improvement each season". One thing that I think really hurts us as well as other teams throughout the years is players that get paid, and quit trying to be the best at their craft. It's what made the LOB so dangerous, was that we had a crew of guys constantly putting each other in check and getting better each week, and I think we would see that with him. They say he has good technique, positioning, execution, and learns well. But their biggest problem with him keeps coming back to the length of his arms. He's a little on the short side. That, unfortunately can't be coached out, but I think they could coach around it, he also needed to prove that he could defend the edges, which is the crucial thing that Russ needs defended. Regardless, I think he could be a benefit to the team.

#3 Nate Herbig - Stanford

I already like the guy on Stanford alone, and he's also Hawaiian, major plus for an Offensive Lineman, in fact, the first Strength point is "Built like a refrigerator with thick arms on it". They said that he wasn't quick, but he understands angles to second level blocks in the zone, and they also mentioned that he stalemates power across from him. His biggest flaw seems to be his follow-through. They said he's more likely to pop a defender once and move on, and they said "grass stains galor" which means he's going down to his knees too often. I think these are things that can be coached out, and he would be exactly what we need.

#2 Andre Dillard - WSU

Yeah, I'm playing favorites, GO COUGS! Hard not to put Andre up here after that 4.96 40. They say that he's athletic, his movements are smooth, this kid is textbook. The only issues that they have with him are technical things that I believe Tom can work out of him.  He's a little too predictable, he needs to adjust his blocking practices, and his hands land a little bit high. Again, these are minor things that good coaching and direction will fix and we would finally be able to bolt that offensive line shut.

#1 Garrett Bradbury - N. C. State

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Garrett impressed me not only in stats alone, with great dash, bench cone and shuttle drills, but also with his technique and body type. While he is a little on the small size, which is really their only weakness, he's built perfectly, and has great technique. I think if our organization wants a great lineman that they can just plug into the lineup, Bradbury is the best in show. 

Still a lot of time between now and the draft (April 25th), but I'm getting excited already! Stick with me 12s and we'll see our team bolstered back into Super Bowl quality in no time! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!