The Long Feared Goodbye

Hawk on Hawk Action: Saying Goodbye to Earl Thomas

March 18, 2019

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

What's up 12s,

Well, the time has come that we've long feared. The time that Earl Thomas makes his final goodbyes in Seattle.

He was selected by the Seahawks in the first round of the 2010 Draft and has been with us ever since, being one of the driving forces behind this dominating defense. He was one of the founding members of the feared Legion of Boom and one of the remaining members on the team. I loved watching him as he began his career with the Hawks, he was pegged as the top safety in the draft, but very quickly became the best in the league. Able to read plays before they happened and always managed to break up a play before it got too out of hand. When tackles were made in the backfield, it didn't matter if he was first contact or not, he was always on the pile bringing an opponent down. 

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Later on in his career with the Hawks we saw many a highlight play. How many goaline stops? How many game changing interceptions? How many times did we see Earl as the bane of every quarterback's existence in the Seahawks backfield? The man was responsible for over 600 tackles, nearly 70 deflections, shy of 30 interceptions, 5 fumble recoveries, and 3 defensive touchdowns. In the 8 years that he was with the Hawks, the man only missed 2 Pro-Bowls. He proved over and over again that he was truly the best safety out on the gridiron, and he did Seattle proud year after year. 

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Regardless of your feelings about how he handled contract negotiations, the man deserved every red cent that he made out on that field, which is not the norm for players that get paid. While some of our other players got comfortable and started to lay back after getting their hefty contracts, Earl always had something to prove, that he was the best. He wanted to be the most expensive Safety in the league, but he understood that it required absolute dominance of the position and he had that on full display week after week. While most players aren't the same when they come back from a break like he had, it fueled Earl to come back even meaner than ever. He didn't stride back into his starting position, he demanded all recognize that he was not a broken man, but a machine that had been given a year to heal to its fullest capacity and was now an unbeatable force.

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I would have loved to see Earl play his entire career in Seattle, but I will never begrudge a man that fights for what he is worth, and he's worth it all. I truly hope that the Ravens take care fo the gem they've just gotten and I hope he continues to dominate (unless is against Seattle) ever opponent he faces. Godspeed Earl. You will be missed. With that.....Mike Hawk is OUT!