Hawk on Hawk Action: Best of the Season

Time to break down my picks for the 2016-17 Season!

July 17, 2017

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What's up 12s!


We're back! It's been a while but I've been just craving some football lately. You know you're ready for the season to start when you spend your Sunday's watching RedZone replays. BUT! Given that We are a mere few weeks away from the Preseason, I think it'd be a good idea to go back in time and reflect on this last season. With that, I give you my Top 5 picks for the best games of the 2016 Season!


#5 Week 4 @ New York Jets (W 27-17)

The boys had some troubles getting started last season if you recall. Sure, we were 2-1 going into this game, but Wilson injured his ankle early in the first game, and then hurt himself worse in the week prior to this one against San Francisco. We were winning games, but it felt like we were squeaking by, we looked sloppy. This was the game (I feel) that the team really started to look like their old selves and started to click. Despite injuries, Wilson threw for 309 yards completing 23/32 throws. Jimmy Graham (also injured) was FINALLY getting the use that all Hawk fans were waiting for and made 6 catches for 113 yards. Sherman had 2 interceptions and Earl Thomas had 1. Overall, the chemistry was back and for a moment, all the doubts that we were having early on in the season were put aside as we watched the dominating team we know do what they do best.


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#4 Week 13 VS Carolina Panthers (W 40-7)

There was probably only one game this season that was as sweet a victory as this one. If you recall, the 2015 Season was cut tragically short due to this motley crew of hacks. And there wasn't a single Seahawk fan that didn't want to smack the smile off of Cam Newton's face as he threw a 12 flag across the field, an incident that was blown out of proportion, but stung nonetheless. Therefore, having these guys walk into our house and enjoying 3 hours of glorious payback left every Hawks fan with a satisfied smile.


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​#3 Week 9 MNF VS Buffalo Bills (W 31-25)

I had the pleasure of experiencing this game first hand last season. It was right in the middle of the season, the boys were sitting at 4-2-1 coming off a hard loss to the Saints and an unimpressive tie to the Cardinals that we're just gonna not talk about... This was the game, however, where they let Jimmy Graham off the leash. He was hands down the all-star of this game. 8/8 on catches for 103 yards, 2 of which were one-handed touchdown catches, and let's not forget how he straight-up lept over a man. This was one of those games that was increasingly fun to watch given that the score was so close throughout the game, but the boys prevailed in the final few moments as they held a drive inside the 10 to win the game. The stadium was electric.


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#2 Post Season Week 1 VS Detroit Lions (W 26-6)

I don't know about you, but given how banged up the boys were, I was very skeptical as to how far we'd make it in the post season. But this game, for one shining moment left all doubts behind. Thomas Rawls showed us what we had been waiting for all season long, a dominating running back that made all of us put Marshawn Lynch in our rear-view mirror. Setting a franchise playoff record of 161 yards, it looked like the boys had gotten that little hitch worked out and that we would be the powerhouse that we all know the Hawks are. Not to mention a couple highlight reel catches made by Paul Richardson, we were all foaming at the mouth and had eyes on that Lombardi trophy.


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#1 Week 10 @ New England Patriots (W 31-24)

The game that everyone was waiting for this season. An instant replay to 2 years ago when an unstoppable Seattle Seahawks met the immovable New Patriots at Super Bowl XLIV in Arizona. Deep in the hearts of every Hawks fan was that familiar burn of agony as the moment we all want to forget replayed in our heads, with the same line like a broken record "Run. The. Ball.". For this game, we weren't looking at our record, we weren't looking for playoffs, all we wanted, was blood. And boy, did we get it. 3 hours of an almost shot for shot replay of that game. Hard hits, raging tempers, pure animal instinct....the way football was meant to be played. My favorite duo of Wilson and Baldwin was back to it's normal glory as Baldwin came down for 3 touchdown passes, CJ Prosise easily dancing around New England's defense, Earl Thomas falling the giant, Rob Gronkowski, with a savage hit that broke one of his ribs. This game was hands down, the best game of the entire NFL season so far. Then, a familiar sight. In the final drive by the Patriots, Seahawks up 31-24, and it's down to a goal line stand, the Patriots can only make 1 play. Brady fades back and floats one to his left to Gronk, who is toe to toe with probably the worst case scenario for anyone trying to steal a game-winning catch, Kam Chancellor. The ball hits the ground with the two locked in battle with each other, no call. Game over... Damn it felt good. It was one of those games that made me want to hit the gym and try to bench 300 lbs because I was so fired up, hands down, best hawks game of the season.


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BUT, that's just my take. As always, if I'm wrong, leave it in the comments. The off-season is winding down folks! See you all next week! With that.....Mike Hawk is OUT