Hawk on Hawk Action: New set of Wheels

A quick rundown of the newest additions to the Seahawks Roster!

March 16, 2017

Hey 12s!

The Hawks have been busy the last couple days locking down a few people to the roster and I’ve got to tell you these make me excited. Granted, they’re not as busy as a lot of teams in the league at this point. But, as I’ve said, Carol has a plan and knows what’s happening. Here’s a quick breakdown of the changes we’ve got going on.

1. The lock down of Neiko Thorpe

I love this move. I first noticed Thorpe after he seemed to fill the gap that was left, sadly, by Ricardo Lockett since his career ending injury. Lockett was always the first man down the field when it came to the kickoff team, and Thorpe has filled that gap beautifully. He’s quick and he’s got a lot of power, and might be just what we need to cover that weak corner on defense. Be ready to see his name a lot during the season this year.

2. Signing Luke Joeckel

We’ve been saying it season after season and it seems to have finally come through, the Seahawks are beginning to toughen up that front line. Our running game was at its peak when we had a healthy running back able to blast through a gap that was smaller than it should’ve been, but now that we no longer have the massive power of Marshawn Lynch, we need a healthy line to blast its own hole open to allow Prosise and Rawls to sprint their way through and make for the endzone. I’m very very very happy to see this signing. And a stronger O-line opens up room fooooooor…..


3. The addition of Eddie Lacy

Skeptics, hear me out. I understand that Eddie had an ankle injury that hurt his numbers tremendously last year, and he’s a little long in the tooth as far as football years go. But the man is a high quality running back that may be the tough aspect that we need to help our running game regain its former glory.

There are still plenty of weeks to go before things get started which means a lot of time left to scoop up some other free agents and make some interesting changes! We’ll have more next week! If I missed anything, shoot me an email or a tweet so I can do some research! Otherwise, that’s all I’ve got for you this week! With that…..Mike Hawk is OUT!