Hawk on Hawk Action: Next Season Spotlight

We travel to meet last year's #1 seed

February 9, 2017

What's up 12s!

With the football season finally at a close, It's time to look forward to the next best thing......NEXT SEASON!

We'll be taking a look into the 2012-18 opponents for our boys for the next few weeks. This week, we're talking about a pretty nasty away game that we have on the schedule. The Number 1 NFC seed last season, the Dallas Cowboys.


Now I love to talk our boys up, but this is going to be a bit of a challenge if they league doesn't gut their relatively young team with better contract offers. Racking up a 13-3 season, the Cowboys looked like the train that couldn't be stopped this season, ultimately coming up short in the final seconds of their game against Green Bay to bring their impressive season to a finish. But just because they didn't make it to the big show, doesn't mean these guys are out. Far from it.

One of the most impressive weapons that stumbled into their starting lineup is their rookie QB Dak Prescott. 311 completed passes for an impressive 3,667 yeard last season, Dak shocked the NFL filling in for Tony Romo after a preseason injury on his 3rd play of the season (big hit by Cliff). What was supposed to be a temporary bandage as Tony got himself back to full health turned into making him the laughing stock of the team instead. Dak's ability to command a very powerful team and utilize some of the very strong weapons they have make him a quarter back to take very seriously. Weakness: While the cowboys have a very strong offense, their offensive LINE isn't quite strong enough to keep the image of an unstoppable team (sound familiar?) With Bennett and Avril's penetrating ability, they may be able to knock him off kilter.

Another young talent that shined last season is their rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot. 6 feet tall, 225lbs and hungry to impress, Elliot was one of Prescott's go-to weapons last year. racking up 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns with an average 5 yeards per carry, he showed that he was more than capable to take on the job. Weakness: While his game is pretty iron tight, his weakness is his inexperience in the league. He barrelled through blockers without regard for his health throughout the season and it left him pretty banged up. a harsh week prior could spell bad luck for him against us.

And you can't talk about weapons of the Cowboys without making mention of Wide Receiver Dez Bryant. 50 completions for 796 yards and a personal best 15.9 average, Bryant is showing no signs of slowing as far as his danger on the field. Our best tactic against him is to keep a close eye on him. I'll keep you all updated if I hear any news about Earl Thomas' condition, he'll be instrumental in keeping Bryant contained throughout the game.

The Hawks will take the off season to get our big players back to peak condition so we can once again have an arsenal at full capacity and ready to mow over the league. Meeting the cowboys in Dallas will be no exception.


That's all I've got for you guys now. With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!