Hawk on Hawk Action: Preseason @ Chargers

It has begun

August 14, 2017

Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports images

What is Uuuuuuuuuuup 12s?!

Before we get started, with me, take a deep breath. Full 10 count, and breath a nice deep sigh of relief because that magical 6 months of of the year is finally upon us! it is FOOTBALL SEASON!

Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports images

Now, I am going to throw this out there, because we say it when we lose, so let's say it when we win, it's just the preseason. Now that we've got that BS outta the way, what a hell of a way to start the preseason! the guys were looking a little on the rusty side in the first drive, but that's to be expected. As the game progressed and more and more of the young talent started to take over, the intensity was back and we looked like that beloved team that we remember so well. The running game looked excellent, and the pass game was practically flawless. All 3 QBs had about a 75% att/com percentage for a total of 338 yards passing. Our rushers put up a total of 133 yards for 4 touchdowns, and our newest kicker Blair Walsh went 2 for 2 like it was nothing. 

I felt some of the key players that I'm interested to see where they go were...

J.D. McKissic who showed prowess in returns. He's young and you can see that in the way he executes the run, I'd like to see him do more to get up the field, as opposed to avoid getting hit and not making a massive return. The big 70 yard returns are pretty, but rare, I'd like to see a man run his ass off and get us to the 30, instead of constantly going for the 50 yard return, but falling short of the 20. Regardless, I think Carroll and his staff can do wonders as far as his development and I'm eager to see him grow.

Michael Wilhoite who had some play on the defense. He's looking to find himself a spot as a Linebacker which can be difficult as far as finding a job opening on our team. But his hunger and his intensity struck me. I saw him multiple times right where the action was and making critical plays. he may have only racked up a 2-1 tackle/assist number, but I saw a spark in him and I think Carroll did too.

Pierre Desir who racked up one of the only sacks from the Seahawks defense. He's another player that I saw fighting for an opportunity to join an iron defense, and wanting to prove that he has the grit to keep up with some big names. 2 tackles, 1 assist, a sack and a forced fumble made him a pretty badass defensive player for the first game. Keep your eyes on this one.

Just to name a few of some of the key players that I took notice of, but let's face it, the whole team looked solid. There was a groove and comradery that can be hard to find in developed teams, let alone a preseason squad. Very very proud of what I saw and eager to see more. My pick for MVP of the preseason opener is Trevone Boykin. This is our second season with us, and I am more worried about another team stealing him as a starter than I am about his ability to back Wilson up. He played an excellent game and conducted himself like a general out there. 

Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports images

But these are just my thoughts. if I'm wrong, shoot me an email and tell me who I missed. We've got Minnesota next weekend, and we've already got a leg up, cuz they're coming to the dreaded CLink. Can't wai to see what this one looks like. That's all I've got for you today 12s! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!