Hawk on Hawk Action: Preseason Week 2

The Vikings sail into town, we're gonna send 'em right back

August 18, 2017

​What's up 12s!


 That wonderful time has come again! Time to blow the dust off of Century Link Field as our boys take on the Minnesota Vikings! I wont get into too much statistically because the is preseason and things are going to be changing rapidly out there as the game progresses. A couple things I'd keep my eye on though would be...


Changes within the Offesive Line

Jake Roth/USA Today Sports Images

I talked about acquiring some new bodies to put in the front line earlier in the off season, but what i neglected to mention was that during that time, the veterans like Britt, Fant, and Ifedi were all getting healthy and back to full health. Plus they just signed Britt on a 3 year extension at center, which is JUST fine for me. Keep an eye on the amount of time the Russ and Boykin have in that pocket, as well as hole getting open for our next feature...


Mike Davis

He led the team in rushing last week and is poised to do the same again this week. He's hungry and badly wants to fill in that seat left by a yet again injured Thomas Rawls. C'mon Rawls! Get that leg back to full health buddy! We need the powuh!


Another Dominating Defense Week​

Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports Images

I predict that our defense is going to show even more strength this week than they did last week. That is such a band of brothers that constantly teach and learn from each other and are always always always pushing to get better. The Vikings offense should be a little rattled. 


It's still just the 2nd week of preseason so there won't be much to talk about in the way of all star players on either side, but it'll still be another fun game to watch I predict....... a 16-30 victory for the Seahawks! Check out my review of the game on Monday and GO HAWKS!


With that...Mike Hawk is OUT