Hawk on Hawk Action: Pro Bowl!

The end is here, but we're not done yet!

January 23, 2017

Well 12s, It’s the time of year that we as Seahawk fans hate, the end of the season. It always hurts to see the clock strike zero, and to know that we’ve hit the end of the line. But our boys did us proud and gave us a hell of a season and pulled themselves together to see us in the playoffs for a 5th straight year! Now we have one more game to look forward to…Pro Bowl!


This year, they’re changing a few things up. They’re going back to the AFC vs. NFC design, and we’re going to sunny Orlando Florida! Now, you can argue that we had a pretty rough season given all of our injuries, so we may not be seeing too many of our boys out there, not true at all! We’ve got 4 Seahawks ready to go out there and show that the Seattle Seahawks are still a team to be feared! Our Submissions for the year include….


DE Cliff Avril. A monster player to have on your defense. 20 solo tackles, 19 assists, and 11.5 sacks, Cliff Avril proved yet again that you didn’t want to be in his sights.

DE Michael Bennett. The only player that could possibly be more frightening to see on a defensive line than Cliff Avril, Michael added 24 solo tackles, 10 assists and 5 sacks to his career of punishing quarterbacks that dare try to get the football by him.

CB Richard Sherman. C’mon, would it be the Pro Bowl without invited “The greatest corner in the game”? Our boy put up 38 solo tackles, 13 pass defenses and 4 interceptions and continued to make his corner feel safer than Fort Knox.

LB Bobby Wagner. Bobby was busyyyy this season! Marking up 85 solo tackles, 82 assisted tackles, 4.5 sacks, 3 pass defenses and 1 interception on what was arguably his best year with us yet. Well-deserved Bobby.

But we don’t stop there! We’ve also got a handful of players that are ready to take over in case of players that can’t make the Pro Bowl for one reason or another. Such as…

WR Doug Baldwin. I’ll admit some bias as far as my excitement for Doug being in, he’s my favorite player on the team, but he will be taking over for the injured Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals. Baldwin put up 51 receptions, for 788 yards his longest being 55 yards and 4 touchdowns.


The end of the season may be 1 game away 12s, but we can still enjoy one last hurrah before we go back into our caves and wait. I’ll be back next week with more Hawk on Hawk Action! With that, Mike Hawk is OUT!