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April 11, 2017

Trevor Ruzcowski/USA Today Sports Images

What’s up 12s,

With another week comes another batch of changes to the Seahawks Roster! Let’s break em down!

1. Terrance Garvin (LB)

Coming in to his 5th Season, Garvin looks like a pretty vanilla player when it comes to his stats. After 3 decent years with the Steelers, he moved over to the Redskins last season and brought his numbers back up slightly, playing all 16 games and averaging one tackle per game, and virtually nothing in the way of sacks or forced fumbles. Overall, his numbers don’t quite add up with what our defense demands of its players, but as I’ve said, Carroll and his crew know what they’re doing. This could be a case where they see something in him that they can coach him into, or possibly grabbing him for some other gain. All that aside, I’m still eager to see what they have planned for him and hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised.


2. Dion Jordan (DE)

Welcome all the way from Miami, Defensive End Dion Jordan. He’s been out of the game the past few seasons, but he was looking pretty good in his last year. He played 10 games and managed 20 tackles sprinkling in a couple sacks and pass defenses. It should be noted that he was cut from the Dolphins after his 2nd consecutive suspension from the NFL due to a substance violation. Another risky/interesting pick for the Hawks, but he was a number 3 draft pick with all the potential in the world and if anyone can tap into that, it’s the Seahawks coaching staff.

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3. Cyril Grayson

This one has me very intrigued. Follow me on this one. His last year of playing the game was back in 2011. He had amazing stats, but when it comes to an NFL quality player in High School that’s not too surprising. The man ran a 4.3/40 when it came to Pro Day at LSU and that caught the Seahawks’ attention. Seeing as he didn’t play in his senior year of college he doesn’t have to enter the draft so the boys scooped him up. I think these guys found themselves a slick deal in Grayson. He’s fast, he’s got good hands, and he’s dexterous. He’ll truly be an asset this season I’m sure of it.

Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports Images

That’s all I’ve got for you guys this week! As always, if I’ve missed something, hit me up and I’ll do some digging. That being said, don’t sweat Sherman too much. There’s an awful lot of talk, but all I see is a lot of smoke being blown. I’ll elaborate more later. With that…..Mike Hawk is OUT!