Hawk on Hawk Action: Top 5 weapons

Here's my opinion of the best we've got going into the next season

February 22, 2017

Hey 12s,

A lot of what I've done when it comes to breaking down the strengths of teams that our boys are playing, is look at the key players or "weapons" as I call them, that that team has in their arsenal, and what they can do to get the better of them. And a lot of teams have 1 or 2 key players. The Saints have Drew Brees, the Bengals have Tyler Eifert, and the niners have their memories.

What makes our team such a terror in the league, is the fact that we are not a one trick pony. We have a number of players that other teams need to create a plan for when it comes to taking on the Hawks. Needless to say, there's a reason why year after year we have a ton of guys playing in the Pro Bowl.

 It's hard to narrow it down, but here are my Top 5 Weapons of the Seahawks...


#5 Thomas Rawls

The only reason why Rawls is #5 on this list, is because he missed half the season with that leg injury. It wasn't his best year, but it was also only his 2nd. Rawls, if you remember, quickly helped Seattle let go of the name Lynch when it came to the running back position. He's stout, fast, and crazy strong, and breaking his ankle seemed to be the only thing that slowed him down throughout his career. I was concerned that he wouldn't be able to bounce back afterwards, but he seemed to get back into the swing like a duck to water. Putting up 349 yards over the 9 games that he played, with a 3.2 yard average per carry, I'm confident Rawls will be back in peak condition when the next season starts and will make the NFL once again fear the running game of the Hawks.


#4 The Avril/Bennett Combo

Back when Jared Allen played for the Vikings, Quarterbacks knew that you didn't drift toward the left when you dropped back. When it comes the Seahawks defensive line, Quarterbacks might as well just count to 2, turntail and run straight back. On your left, you've got the 6'3" 260lb freight train known as Cliff Avril, and to your right you have all 6'4" and 274lbs of pure nightmare known as Michael Bennett. With a combined 16.5 sacks and 73 tackles this season, this duo helped numerous people throughout the season get their helping of veggies by force feeding them turf. Again. And again. And again. 


#3 Jimmy Graham

How do you cover a guy that is 6'7", with 499 career receptions for 6280 yards and 52 touchdowns?.....yeah, we don't know either. This massive human being spent time pulling double duty with the hawks, whether it was blocking 350lb men from putting Wilson on his back, or making catches while wearing cornerbacks and linebackers like spare jerseys, Graham is becoming an increasingly dangerous individual to anyone that opposes the Hawks, Hell, cut one of his arms off, he'll still be a terror. 


#2 Bobby Wagner

There's one selfish reason that Bobby isn't number one. We'll cover that later. Making his mark as the #1 defensive player on the Hawks this season, Wagner put up 167 tackles this year, well over half of them he covered on his own. That, along with 4.5 sacks, for 27 yards, 3 pass defenses, an interception and a fumble recovery prove that Bobby is the swiss army knife of defensive players. Go ahead, take your eye off of him for a sec, you've got time to check your routes, I dare ya.


#1 Doug Baldwin

Yes. Doug. Leave me alone he's the best guy we've got out there. It's become the go to joke for me to see our boys at a 3rd and way too long and to look over to the person next to me and say "Yo Doug, go long" and sure enough, there's Doug Baldwin 40 yards down field and brings in the catch. Need more proof? K. 94 receptions for 1128 yards, with 465 yards after the catch, a 59 yard long ball and 1, count it, 1 drop. That being said, this is a very biased view, Doug is my favorite player on the team.


Hell, this whole thing is just a biased view. This whole team is a well loaded gun ready to be fired at whoever opposes us. CJ Prosise, Russell Wilson, Luke Willson, Tyler Locket, Jon Ryan, Steven Hauschka, Paul Richardson, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, KJ Wright, Earl Thomas, all of which ready and willing to tear their opponent apart. And what is a weapon without someone to pull the trigger? We've got a hell of a coach in Pete Carol. But if I'm wrong, let me know! Who's on your top 5?


That's all I've got for ya today 12s. With That.Mike Hawk is OUT!