Heart-Breaking, but Not Demoralizing

Hawk on Hawk Action

October 8, 2018

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Hola 12s!


Well! What in the world was that marvelous display last night?! I was horrified at what our boys were going to look like this weekend, think about it: 4-0 Rams, who have always found a way to get the better of us no matter where we are in the divisional lineup, against the rebuilding Seahawks that haven't found their stride quite yet. I was very very happily surprised. We might not have walked away with the win, but lord almighty that was fun to watch! Let's dive right in!



Gets a damned A this week for sure! They have been showing the most improvement this season for sure. The offensive line was giving Russ all the time in the world back there, as well as creating holes for Chris Carson to blast right through. Russell was finding his targets downfield rather well, and the scramble drill seems to be slowing fading out of our repertoire which I love. More shuttle passes, flicks, lobs and laterals. Keep. 'Em. Comin! Tyler Lockett had a very impressive game as well as David Moore! And that run game tho! So Sweet! Russ is still holding onto the ball a tad too long, and it's my opinion that we lost the game with those dumb dumb penalties on that last drive, we couldn't have brought it back after that. But our boys stood toe to toe with the Rams defense, especially with that bastard Suh on the line, they contained him rather well. Enjoy that A this week boys!

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Unfortunately, the masterpiece that was the Hawks offense was a bit offset by the Seattle defense. Granted, I believed whole-heartedly that the defense had the hardest fight they've faced all season on their hands this week, but they were getting beat to death with the Rams offense. They still showed a ton of improvement though, I can comfortably say that they were merely outmatched this week. Need some tweaks on the pass-rush as well as our secondary, but I can really see the defense coming along. They still have a farther way to go, especially now that they're working without Thomas as well as Wright, but I think they're filling those gaps just fine. Hang in there with the defense, they will, and are, getting better. Overall a B grade this week. 

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Special Teams​

Nice kick Seabass. Keep up the good work! And Dickson....keep being Dickson you beautiful bastard.


While we ended up on the wrong side of a heart-breaker, this was far from a demoralizer.  The Hawks should hold their heads high and proud of the display that they put on Sunday, they were simply beaten, certainly not for lack of trying. I'm actually a little glad. I think this game showed them that they've got the fire they need to be a terror in the league, they just need to ignite it. Especially now that they're boarding a plane for the next week! We've got Marshawn Lynch and the Raiders in jolly old England next week! And i got a gooooood feeling about it. Hang tough 12s! We're not out of the woods yet! With that......Mike Hawk is OUT!