Holding the House

Hawk on Hawk Action - Seahawks Host the Cowboys

September 24, 2018

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HOLA 12s!


Well....that was pretty! I hate to say that I was very nervous about this game, but the boys in blue absolutely delivered on Sunday. Let's dive in



I told you so, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so. DJ Fluker gives Russ that last breath that he needs to make plays happen. There were plenty of 3 and outs in this game, but the offense still did a good job of moving the ball down field and playing some smart football, especially with Kris Richard on the other side of the field breaking them down play after play. The run game looked great, it was nice to finally see Carson get some breathing room to frolic free out there, Brandon Marshall was making plays happen, Tyler Lockett made some clutch catches as per usual, and I loved seeing Nick Vannett step up and give the new rookie something to beat! Like I said, there's still some growth that needs to happen here, I think routes need to be redesigned a little bit, we need to learn some more trick plays, and the line needs to open those gaps just a wee bit bigger to really make that run game pop, but I was very happy with their display.

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LOCK DOWN EARL THOMAS DADGUMMIT! 2 stellar picks, one of which he was robbed 20 yards for, but Earl really did his job out there and proved that he's still worth a multi-year multi-million contract. Pay the man, he's the best in the game and the best player we've got back there. That being said, McDougald went out and stole some of the spotlight which really impressed me, I think they may have found the spot for him. Bobby Wagner is still a friggin stud in that secondary, and I like seeing the development of our pass-rush. Like the offense, we've still got some holes that need to be filled, offenses are still converting on big plays and getting through. But they're coming along, if we continue to make the smallest adjustments and turn them into muscle-memory, we're going to see the rebirth of that dominate defense.

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Special Teams

Not much to report with special teams this week. Thank God. I love our players, but I love them even more when they have a boring day at work. Janikowski looked stellar out there, Dickson, as always looked spectacular. Lockett is still showing himself to be our best return runner, and our kicking team is doing a great job of getting downfield to kill the runback. 


Gotta love getting a little ray of hope in what has been a rough start to the season. Don't let this get your hopes too high 12s. They're still learning, and teams are already looking at how we got away with this one. We need to keep looking forward and continue to change the game, keep them guessing and keep them confused. But for now, welcome home Hawks! We missed ya! We're back on the road, bound for Arizona for the first division game of the season, keep that fire in your bellies boys, we're right behind you! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!