Hope On The Horizon

Mike Hawk's Fired Up

August 3, 2020

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Hola my 12s!

Seattle has been all a buzz in the last few weeks when it comes to local sports! The naming of the Kraken for Seattle NHL, trades and aquisitions for our boys on the Hawks, and NOW!, we're going to kindle a fire that has been dimming for a few months now...the X...F....L!

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Most of you will recall the heart-breaking moment that the XFL shut down and basically disbanded earlier this year, suspending the season and allowing players to sign contracts with the NFL. I have to tell you guys I was optimistic that we'd be seeing my beloved Dragons out on that field again, but it was only after I pushed through some harsh skepticism of its return.

BUT! We have a new found hope, as it was recently announced...that The Rock himself is part of a group that has aquired the XFL! Not sure how far it takes it, but in a time where people are cutting back on spending, and pouring money into sure-fire (heh heh) ways to make more money, this is a very inspiring sight.

Century Link may yet breathe fire again my friends! And on that day, I'll be watching! That's all for this week, with that....Mike Hawk is OUT!

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