I'm Not CRyan, You're CRyan

August 20, 2018

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Good Day 12s


Well, I wanted to come on here and give you my in depth analysis of the 2nd preseason week, but now something a lot bigger came up...so...Short version: Offense looked good, the line was solid, need work on endzone play. Defense is ok, secondary needs to figure themselves out, Griffen stole the show again, as well as Austin Calitro, watch for him. Special Teams: reliable other than return defense, need to make earlier stops.


Now then. I had the displeasure of taking my seat in my booth today to come across the news that our most reliable player of 10 years, Jon Ryan, has just been released from the team. I know this came at his request, but I absolutely hate to see him leave. Jon Ryan is, in my book, a true Seahawks legend. After being signed back in 2008, Jon Ryan has ensured that we need not worry when it came to the punting game for the Hawks. On multiple occasions, I saw Jon make a kick out of our endzone and boot that damned thing all the way across midfield. I watched him place that ball anywhere that we needed it. Too long for a FG but too short for the full foot punt? Jon will put that sonofabitch right on the 1, and give it enough hang time for the team to crack a beer with the punt returner before it came back down from outer space to force a fair catch. When it came to 4th down, it was a rare occasion to see Jon duff an opportunity, and he was quickly forgiven for any and all blunders.

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I watched the man inspire a team that was down 16-0 in their own home with the Super Bowl on the line, by taking a fake FG and throwing a touchdown pass. I watched him fake punt and run the ball for the first down and more, right before knocking himself out. He was not only dependable, he was a driving force for the Seahawks, proving that you don't have to be a runningback, quarterback, wide receiver to be an all star player. 

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On top of everything amazing that he did on the field, I knew the man to be one of the most genuinely nice guys I've ever met. Happy to shake the hand of a fan and talk about anything. To me, he represented what it was to be an NFL football player, a model representation of what an all star athlete should be. As I said, I hate that he has chosen to leave the team, but I wish him nothing but the best in what ever he decides to pursue, and that includes possibly going to another team. Raise your glasses to a great, Seattle. I hope I don't see the number 9 with another name on it for a good long time in this city. That'll always belong to the greatest punter I've seen. Cheers to you Jon Ryan, and thank you for all that you did for and with us here in Seattle. This 12 will miss you dearly.

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With that...Mike Hawk is out.