It's Finally Happening!

Mike Hawk's Fired Up

March 24, 2020

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


Hola 12s!

Now that the dust has started to settle in Free Agency and Seahawks-land, I thought it prudent to set up the new aquisitions in a nice compact way, and I think you're going to like it!! It's finally happening guys! When we last left, we had just gotten TE Greg Olson from Carolina which should be a great addition! In that time we've also signed...



I can't tell you how stoked I am to be signing this beast on for another 2 years. Our defensive line has been getting better and better over the last couple of seasons, but it all starts with this man right here in my opinion. The man had 27 tackles last season and that comes after missing a third of the season for suspension. Doing the math on that one, he would have potentially out-produced his prior season were he able to play. Make no mistake, having him on that front line is a very very good thing!


The first of many to come in this blog! Brandon joins us from the Jets and rumor has it that he will be filling the void of now free agent Germain Ifedi in the Right Tackle position. For those who are new to our lovely team, 12s have been screaming at their televisions for a while now about the performance of Ifedi and should welcome Mr. Shell with open arms. But Wait, There's More!!


Number 2! Cedric was drafted back in 2015, but hasn't started a game in 3 years. He's coming to us from the Jaguars and will probably end up as reserve unless he shows some serious promise in the early stages. Regardless, it's a growing bank to pull from should our offensive line continue to struggle, and I'm happy.

Bruce Irvin - DE

Welcome back one of the founding members of the LOB! After leaving Seattle a few years back, Irvin has been bouncing around the league trying to find his new home. Well, he's made his way back to Seattle as we deal with our defense's questionable fate. From what he showed in Carolina, the man still has it. But I would expect Pete will use him as another mentor-like figure for the younger generation.


While Justin Britt was moved off of the IR and Joey Hunt filled the gap decently well while he was gone, another Center in the bank is not a bad thing at all. With the contract that he signed with the Seahawks, and his history of versatility throughout the league, I would not be surprised at all if Finney found himself a starting spot somewhere other than center on our offensive line. The man has too many years under his belt to be an over-priced bench-warmer. Pete has some ideas for Finney that we'll see put into good action come gametime.


The last aquisition on our list for now is Mr. Chance Warmack, a Guard we received from Philly. Warmack was a starter for Tennessee until a knee injury in 2015 basically submarined his career. Not that he hasn't played, but the number of starts the man had dropped dramatically. This may be one of those interesting grabs that Pete gets where he sees a diamond in the rough that he can bring to life. It's certainly a name I'm going to be looking for to see what kind of difference he makes.

A lot of changes are happening with our team, and I think we as fans can breathe at least a small sigh of relief that they're getting Russell the help he needs, not to mention, I hear we're expected to get ourselves a brand new Corner to bolster that defensive secondary! I will say this; seeing all these changes is a good disconnect. Keep in mind, barring any other dramatic regulatory changes, the draft is right around the corner (APRIL 23RD), we'll be seeing a brand new Seahawks class in no time! Until then...Mike Hawk is OUT!