A Jolly Good London Game

Hawk on Hawk Action

October 15, 2018

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Hola 12s!


I think I can speak for a lot of you when I say "Now that's more like it!". What a display our boys put on across the pond! Let's break it down!



The offense keeps finding that way to click! The run game is making a massive comeback for us, the passing game is becoming more of an option with the continued development of the offensive line, as well as more backup options for Russ other than "run for your life". He's got so much time in that pocket that he's on vacation back there waiting for someone to get open, and our guys are doing a better job of abandoning their routes to give him an open man when he's under pressure. As a whole, I love what our offense has been doing the past couple weeks; A+ baby

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I loved that the talking heads touched on the fact that the Legion of Boom has been all but laid to rest. We don't have that crew anymore. We've got ourselves a shiny new crew that is making a lot more happen! They may not be as explosive as the defense of yesteryear, but they're certainly learning and making developments to get there. Clark was looking like his old self with the pass rush, the Raiders receiving corps was completely shutdown, and they shut down the man that was once the most feared running back in the league; Another A+

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Special Teams

When I've got nothing to report for Special Teams, it's another good week. Seabass made every kick that we called upon him for, and I think I saw Dickson on the field once. Both came and did their job, and weren't really needed the rest of the game. Makes me a happy fan. 


Adding in a splash of devil's advocate so we don't have a completely positive blog, this was a team that we were supposed to beat. They're 1-4, we're on the rise, what happened in London should have happened. But I will celebrate that all went according to plan, too many times we as fans have watched our boys struggle with a team that should be a cake walk. Not only was this game a needed win, it was a morale boost, a momentum starter, and a show of potential talent. They're becoming the team that I saw after the draft and I'm very excited to see how the rest of the season pans out! Sad to report that there's no Seahawks Sunday next week, but it's a much needed week off. They'll come back well rested and ready to take on the Tigers in Detroit (We're comin Luke). Kick back and do some recon on the teams that we have to play this season 12s! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!