(VIDEOS) Knocking The Dust Off

Hawk on Hawk Action

August 9, 2019

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What's up 12s!!

It's that time again, that beautiful time of year, Football is back baby! Granted, we're just in the preseason, but everyone getting back into the spirit was an uplifting thing to see. Preseason Game 1 was this week against the Broncos and coming from a fan, that was a fun game to watch. We know that we're not going to see the team at full capacity quite yet, and this is that fun time of year where we get to see how different players react in different positions, and who shines. So for the first time this year, let's cover The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

The Good:

That first drive in both directions was the closest that we were going to see of this team fully put together. These are the guys who, in my opinion, need to work the hardest. They're gunning for start positions. Most of the standout characters were on Defense this game. The line was crashing through and breaking up plays, had a couple good breakups in the backfield. Barton, Griffin, and Calitro had control over that secondary and they were all looking hot. Very impressed, and a big welcome back to DeShawn Shead for that Safety! Other notable players for the offense came a little later. I was a fan of both those young running backs Ferguson and Scarborough. Both were looking tough, hungry and ready to fight for a position. Plus, Paxton Lynch looked like a real contender for backup. I was very very happy with the display this week.

The Bad:

Happy to say that there's not much on the bad end of this game. Mainly because we can't tell how serious either side was playing this game. We didn't have Wilson, Wagner, Wright, Carson, Fant, Fluker or many of the key players in the game this week. What I did notice is that we're still having a short pass issue. We're going to get eaten alive if we don't start looking at closing those gaps inside of the defense. And Geno Smith wasn't looking rather spectacular this game. Granted it's still the first week, but he felt a little off on this one. Granted our O-line broke a little quickly, but I think Geno was a little quick on the trigger for this one.


The Ugly:

I'm going to put DK Metcalf in this section for today. Not because he was bad, but because we didn't see the domination that we were hoping for. Now, this could be because he was so hyped that they were making sure that he was covered and humbled, but I'm eager to see what the future weeks bring for our new power player.

It's still preseason, so the points don't matter. Spend your watching hours looking at the lines, the defensive backfield, receiver routes, look at those factors that you don't normally focus on. Pete is experimenting right now, so don't expect us to be at full speed quite yet. Celebrate the win, but as we'll probably say sometime in the next few weeks, "it doesn't matter if you win or lose in the preseason". Still very excited about what I saw, and stoked to see more. Football is back 12s! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!