Let The Games Begin!!!

Hawk on Hawk Action: SEA @ GB

September 8, 2017

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It's TIME! The long awaited kickoff to the 2017 season! And I think you're all with me taking a big sigh of relief that you finally have something to do on Sunday again! We're starting the season hitting the ground running, taking on  the Packers in Lambo. That is no small task as we saw last season. However, this go around in Green Bay is going to have some big differences. 


First off, it's the season opener. We experienced how the Seahawks play when they start the season with Green Bay. Talking about the season opener in 2015 where the Seahawks crushed the Packers to start the season right. The boys are healthy, hungry and coming off of a rough game against Green bay last time. 

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Secondly, It's gonna be a lot warmer than the last time they were there. Forecast shows sunny and 71! If you recall, the last time the boys were in Green bay, tit was down in the single digits and the football was a brick of ice. Now, they're actually going to be able to make the plays that they wanted to make, in much better condition.

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I've looked through the entire schedule for the hawks and I've got to tell you, barring massive injury, I don't see a team that the Seahawks can't beat. Green Bay is certainly going to  be a test early on, but I am fully confident that they'll put on a great show and walk away with a W. My prediction is a close 21-17 Win for the Hawks. 


But there's a reason why they play the game and don't just let the paper define the record. We'll see how they perform on Sunday. So bring your A-game and cheer loud 12s! With that.....Mike Hawk is OUT!!