Let's Meet the 2018 Class! Pt. 1

Hawk on Hawk Action

April 30, 2018

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What's happenin 12s!!


The draft has come and gone and I gotta tell ya, I liked what I saw. I saw some awesome picks this year, some that felt a little wasted, but an overall good draft. Let's meet some of the newest to the crew!


1st pick - RB Rashaad Penny (San Diego State)

Did a little digging on this power house and I can immediately see why Pete and John grabbed him as soon as they could. He very much fits the running style of this team and will be a very effective addition to our running corps. Can't guarantee a ton of play, they like to cycle runners, but the man has some skills


2nd pick - DL Rasheem Green (USC)

From Pete's claim to fame, Rasheem came in as the 2nd pick this season. He's got some good stats from the last year, but judging a defensive lineman is tough to do unless they're just unstoppable coming through the line. This is a pick that I think we need to trust Pete on and wait to see what he saw in him.


3rd pick - TE Will Dissly (UW)

Not far from home at all, Will's highlight reel and Combine highlights show him to be quite the fit for the Hawks. Coming in at just 3 inches shorter than Jimmy Graham, Dissly looks to be much stronger at the blocking game, and probably has more trustworthy hands. I still feel that Nick Vannett will be the primary TE, but I think Will will show himself on the field early, and then often afterwards.


4th pick - OLB Shaquem Griffin (Central Florida)

I can not begin to describe just how giddy I was when I saw those beautiful words, the Seattle Seahawks drafted Part II of the defensive terror that is the Griffin Bros. Defense. Mark my words 12s, this right here is the replacement of the LOB. These two are so in sync with each other, and create such a dominating vibe, that it will charge this defense back into the steam roller that it was a few years ago. Say what you will about how much the man overcame, getting into the NFL with just 1 hand, I was blown away by the man's performance before I even noticed that he was missing a hand. He's incredibly underrated and will soar on this defense. This right here makes me foam at the mouth and stare at the calendar waiting for September to come around already.


That's not all we grabbed, and we're just getting started, but that's all the time I've got for you today. I'm due in the newsroom. I'll break down a little more next week. With that.....Mike Hawk is OUT!