Let's Meet the Draftees! Pt 2

Hawk on Hawk Action

May 7, 2018

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

What's up 12s!


Let's meet the rest of the 2018 Draft class! Let me be the first to admit, before today, I had not seen a single play from any of these players before looking them up, so this is all going to be my own speculation


Pick 5: Tre Flowers S Oklahoma State

On the surface, Tre was nothing really all that special to me. I compared him to the Safety that I'm used to and I'm not sure that's fair to him. As I kept watching this video, I see that he is a prime candidate for the Pete Carol Treatment. He has potential that I can see, and I think Pete wants to work with him and see if he can help him develop. He may one day be the replacement for Kam.

Pick 6: Michael Dickson P Texas

I'm not a fan of this pick simply for the implication. Pete and John are known to make a "competitive" add to the team to light a fire in our boys to keep their jobs, but Ryan has continued to be an exceptional punter and placeholder for years. This tells me that Ryan is looking at his last days with us. It could be a season, but it could also be tomorrow. That being said, I think Michael can handle the job. He seems to have a boot on him, and isn't afraid to dive in and get his hands dirty on the field. Still probably hasn't thrown a touchdown pass in the playoffs though.

Pick 7: Jamarco Jones LT Ohio State

Not entirely impressed with this pick. Granted, we finally made a pick for the offensive line, but Jones feels very much like a Seahawks lineman, and I don't mean that as a compliment. Now, with the new staff that we have leading both the offense and the offensive line, he may develop into quite the blocker. But he is definitely someone that I'm going to wait until I see him in the NFL before I make an educated assessment of him.

Pick 8: Jacob Martin DT Temple

Here's another pick that feels like Carol and Schneider giving their defense every chance they can. Let's face it 12s, we are a defensive team. Our strategy is to beat the living hell out of the opposing offense, and hope that either the defense will score, or leave the offense in good enough position to take away at least 3. We really don't do much to develop the offense. That being said, more competition on the defensive line can be a great thing. I would love to see another dominating Seahawks Defense. 

Pick 9: Alex McGough QB Florida International

Let's just call him what he is. A bench warmer and potential for a good trade for the Hawks. I know it sounds harsh, but I'm not taking anything away from the man's ability at quarterback. I think he will do just fine in the NFL. But Russell Wilson is a man that will not quit until he is dead on the field. The man sustained injuries a few years back that should've put him out for a few games, and he fought as hard as he could to not miss a start. However, Pete does. not. care. about the name on the back of the jersey as much as he does performance on the field. If McGough wants to take the lead position for the Hawks, he'll need to put on one hell of a display of athletic ability, and leadership on the field. And with as young of a team as we have, that's incredibly possible.

Again, this is all speculation from a fan of the team. I try to do a little looking at the player before I make an assessment, and I've been wrong a lot. Regardless, I'm very excited about this season and what it brings for our boys. I'll be back next week with some of the new signings off the draft. With that.....Mike Hawk is OUT!