Hawk on Hawk Action - Unrestricted Free Agents

3 To Keep, and 3 To Lose

January 21, 2019

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What's up 12s! 


Well, with the end of the year, comes the end of some contracts. We've got Unrestricted Free Agents and Restricted Free Agents. Let's take a quick gander at the Unrestricted Free Agents that we're looking at this offseason. For you Football Gurus, I know you already know the difference, but for those of you that are confused, an Unrestricted Free Agent has been in the league for 4 collective years and have the ability to sign with any team of their choosing, without any say from the team that they last held a contract with. We've got 13 players on this list, but let's just break down 3 that we should lose, 3 that we need to sign, as well as a couple that we're likely not going to keep, but it doesn't come without a sting


SIGN HIM - DJ Fluker G

I said it all throughout the season, Fluker was the key to this offensive line this year. He injured himself early on in the season, and there was a noticable change from the strong offense that we had enjoyed early on, not to mention there was a lot more issue with Ifedi after he was hurt, but when he got back into the game Russell had the time that he needed in the pocket to execute a good throw.

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LOSE HIM - Maurice Alexander S

If there's one thing we're lacking on this team now, it's a strong secondary. Looking at Alexander's stats, he's got plenty of experience in this department, but this was far from his best year. I think this is a position that Pete is looking hard at along with Norton and I would imagine they've got their eyes on a young buck in college that they'll partner with Kam to groom into another dominant strong safety.


SIGN HIM - Frank Clark DE

It was another explosive year for Frank Clark and I think he's got plenty more ahead of him. I think the only issue that we have as far as Defensive Ends go, is that we need to find a good match for him on the other side of the line. But he's been the most explosive end we've seen since Avril and Bennett and I think he's still on the rise.

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LOSE HIM - Brett Hundley QB

Nothing against the man, but he's running 3rd string on a team that doesn't need a 2nd string. With the addition of Lynch, the man has only the practice squad to look forward to. In my opinion, the Hawks will drop him to get a little salary back that they can spread to a different position.


SIGN HIM - Shamar Stephen DT

Still a fresh face for us, Stephen put up one hell of a season and is one of the feared members of the Seahawks organization. In his first year with us, the man has put up numbers comparative to his best year with the Vikings in his short career. He's got more to do, and I think he fits right in to Norton's defensive strategy. 

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LOSE HIM - Sebastian Janikowski K

You all saw this coming. You think I'd forget? Probably second only to Blair Walsh, Seabass didn't quite live up to the hype that he put up with the Raiders. I don't think anybody saw him playing with us for more than a year. 


On top of these guys that have the ability to seek work wherever their paths lead, we're faced with the difficult decision about 2 of the the remaining members of the once feared Legion of Boom, KJ Wright and Earl Thomas. I don't see either of these men playing another season with the Hawks. Earl broke his leg once again just by running, and KJ is about to go into his 9th season with us after a pretty harsh injury forced him to sit out for all but 5 games last season. Once again, we're going to feel that painful sting of losing such amazing players that will be missed and honored in Seattle for years.

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The boys upstairs have some tough decisions ahead, but we're still short of that dominating SB quality team that we're hoping for. Stay strong 12s, we'll see our boys going to the big game again soon. With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!