Where Are They Now? How Did They Do?

Hawk on Hawk Action

January 14, 2019

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there 12s! 


While the NFL continues to move on without us, I decided we ought to do a little rewind of our 2018 draft class and see where they ended up at the end of the season


First Pick: Rashaad Penny RB

I'll be the first to admit that I ran Penny through a much more difficult filter than most of the draft class, due to his #1 pick position, and based on what everyone was gushing about when it came to his ability. In the beginning of the season, I wasn't terribly impressed with his numbers, but I also knew that switching gears from college to NFL is easier said than done. By the end of the season, I think he was a great contender for the #2 position and showed himself to be a running back that is going to adapt to the knew style and be a formidable player. I like his style of running, he's patient and powerful when he needs to be and he's only going to get better

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Second Pick: Rasheem Green DE

Unless they're an explosive end like Frank Clark and Cliff Avril, it's hard to assess a Defensive End. By the end of the season, Green had played 10 games and gotten himself a handful of tackles, but he was shadowed by Clark the entire season. I think Green is a good placeholder for the other end of the line, but I'm interested to see if he develops further in the offseason. 


Third Pick: Will Dissly TE

Ahh Will. The Tight End out of UW made quite the splash at the beginning of the season and was making everyone forget what Jimmy Graham was supposed to be rather quickly. He was explosive, he was quick, he had great hands and we have high hopes for him, but his season was cut short after a kneecap injury in week 4. He's had the whole year to recover and I really hope he comes back bigger and stronger than before. I still want to see how deep the Dissly rabbit hole goes.

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Fourth Pick: Shaquem Griffin LB

The NFL media darling of the year! I was stoked to see the Griffin boys tag team the Seahawks Secondary. I loved Shaquille last season and after seeing the performance of Shaquem in the combine, I saw a 2.0 that was going to make our defense even stronger. Unfortunately, Shaq kinda blew his shot in the first game of the season and found his spot on the Special Teams roster. He's still got a lot of energy and some fight in him that I like to see. I hope that he continues his hard work in the offseason so he's even better for next year and maybe we can get that Griffin/Griffin defense going. 


Fifth Pick: Tre Flowers CB

Finding his rhythm in the backfield, I found Tre to be our stronger corner this year. Now, he was either breaking up the play, or he was 8 steps behind it, which is a little concerning, but I did find that when he was covering the corner, more often than not it wasn't a good idea to throw in his direction. I see a young Richard Sherman with Flowers and I think with some more guidance from Norton and the other seasoned players, I think Tre will be a real threat in our favor.

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Sixth Pick: Michael Dickson P

You all know how I feel about Dickson. The man could do no wrong. Don't beat him up over that onside kick. We're good enough that we shouldn't have needed to do it, plus, he's a punter, not a kicker. There's a difference. I hope that he continues to make our team great.


Seventh Pick: Jamarco Jones T

We screamed for years about bolstering the front line, and just when we get someone to fill the slot, he's on the IR when the season starts. We don't get to see what Pete saw in him in the combine, but maybe next year.


Eighth Pick: Jacob Martin DE

Had to know we were going to get a little light about talking points this far down. However, Jacob Martin proved himself to be quite formidable on the end. It's still hard to outshine Frank Clark on this team, but Martin certainly made a splash this year. racking up 10 tackles and 3 fumbles. We'll see how much harder he hits after an offseason with some more training.


Ninth Pick: Alex McGough QB

Being a quarterback being drafted by the Seahawks is just about as bad as being drafted by the Patriots. McGough saw no playing time throughout the season, and I would assume that if he's going to be on the team again next year, he will get another year of the same. Hang in there buddy.


In what was supposed to be a 'rebuild year' our draft class turned out to be quite the force that I'm truly excited to see how they grow even further. Keep your eyes open, with the end of the season around the corner, we're going to see a lot of changes within our ranks and I'll do my best to keep you updated! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!