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Hawk on Hawk Action: SEA @ SF Review

November 27, 2017

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

What's up my 12s!


What a win yesterday! Let's jump right in!


The Good: The Seahawks' defense is still showing some strength despite missing some key players like Sherman and now we've learned that Kam is confirmed done for the season. Despite all that, they're still holding strong and showing that they're not composed of 3 players. I still enjoy watching Richardson tear apart offensive lines and I like seeing that the veterans have taught the young bucks well and I'm very optimistic for the rest of the season for these guys. On top of that, the team itself is still holding true to their formula; the first half looks ugly and hopeless, and the second half is when they find the holes in their opposition and force-feeds them a beat down. 

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The Bad: fairly short this week, but I'd like to see a bit more out of our run game. It's kind of a lot to ask for seeing as we can't seem to keep the runners healthy, but Eddie Lacy is not who we wanted him to be as far as a power runner, and the other guys are too young or fragile to really establish a run game. I'm glad Joeckel is back out there, and with Duane Brown as well i think the run game can start to flouish.

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The Big Picture: This victory is relatively meaningless other than another hash in the win column. The 49ers are competing with the Browns for a title that neither of them want so a game against them is either a guaranteed win or forfeit of the remainder of the season. The biggest test of the season so far is next week, they'll be pulling double duty to be ready for this one. 

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I'm going to take a minute on the preview for next week because frankly, I'm worried, but i'll dive into it and get some dirt to find a way to victory. Keep up the good work showing your support 12s! Century Link is still a hell of a home to come into. That's all for this week, with that.....Mike Hawk is OUT!