Seahawks Breakdown: Meet Darrell Taylor

Mike Hawk's Fired Up

May 18, 2020

Calvin MattheisNews Sentinel, Knoxville News Sentinel via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Hola 12s!

Dust is beginning to settle on the front of NFL news as we head into the quiet period so with that, let's check out our #2 pick of the 2020 Draft, DE Darrell Taylor out of Tennessee!

Now, one game I love to play with these picks is "What do Pete and John see?". Given that I'm not any kind of pro-analyst, I like to watch what these guys can do, and more importantly, how they can grow within the ranks of our happy little team here. Which takes us to this here video, keep an eye out for #19 on the end.

So, what do we see? The man can get inside to make a few sacks, yes, but let's look deeper, more fundamental. Pete's defense has a certain style that he looks for. What I see in this young man is a world of talent that is ready to be taken to the next level. Is he getting to the QB on every play? No. But what I see is his ability to shake the block, the all out speed when he frees up, massive strength when he finally gets his hands on someone, and a cool head that breaks down and follows the play as it unfolds. All of these attributes are factors that the coaches can shape and mold into an even more devastating Defensive End. Keep those eyes open for him in the upcoming season, he's going to blindside a LOT of ball handlers throughout the year.

Hang in there 12s! We've got a little more time to wait until we get our beloved football back on the screen again! 17 WEEKS TO GO! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!