Mike Hawk's Insider 11-15-16 Seahawks updates

November 15, 2016

Hola Bitcholas!

This was an incredible weekend for the Hawks! I'll be the first to admit that I was extremely nervous as to how the boys were going to perform on Sunday against the Patriots. They were the #1 ranked team in the league, coming off of a bye week, on their own turf. Not to mention our boys were not in the best of health (i.e. Kam's 1st week back, Willson & Bennett still out, and we're overall al little banged up), and we were coming off of a short week having just played Monday. But they didn't show a weakness throughout the entire game. What I liked most about the way they played was that it was "methodical football". No big bomber passes for 98 yards, no monster runs on a 3rd and 17. They just walked the ball down the field. Gaining 4-5 yards a play and scoring at least 90% of their drives. It was hard nosed football at its finest, and they performed beautifully!

NOW! To look toward the future! We open the doors of the CLink to the Philidelphia Eagles! Now I'm not worried about these guys, but I'm not discounting them either. They're a 5-4 team with their most notable wins being a very impressive display against Pittsburg, and their recent win against Atlanta. Other than that, they're nothing too special, They beat the Bears, the unwinning Browns, and the rapidly declining Vikings (Sorry Castle), and the NFL ranks them at #10 in the league. So we're not in trouble, but this is not a game for us to let our guard down.

Some diisheartening new came out recently about the recent waive of RB Christine Michael, here are my thoughts. Michael did some great things for us when we needed him most, Lynch went out and they brought Rawls in, then Rawls went out and we resigned Michael and he carried our running game until now. That being said, his running was sloppy, you could only count on 5 yards a carry maximum, because he tended to trip over himself before he got much further. He was great with blowing through a hole when you needed 3 yards, but not much else.  Prosise showed himself to be a great stand in last week agains the Patriots, and Rawls has been given the "OK" by Carroll to get back in the game, we'll be alright, trust his process. I'm taking anything away from Michael, he did us a great service, but there are decisions that Carroll makes that we may not fully understand at the moment.

We've got 7 weeks left in the season to widen this division lead we've got. Shoulders to the wind! Go HAWKS!


Quick shout to the UFC and congrats to loud-mouthed Irishman Connor McGregor on making history as the first fighter to hold 2 active championships in the UFC! I'm excited to see who he directs his sights at next (*cough*Woodley*cough cough*). And a shout out to former Women's Bantemweight champion Meisha Tate, who announced her retirement after a loss on Saturday, It was fun watching her fight and progress thoughout the divison, and it was a honor to meet her and have her in studio.


That's all I've got for ya this week guys! Thanks for reading!

With that,

Mike Hawk is OUT!