Mike Hawk's Insider: Top 5 5FDP Songs

October 31, 2016

Hola bitches,

So, if you’re like me, you’re counting down the days until the very special day that is Saturday November 5th. And if you’re not like me and don’t know why I’m counting down until that day, it’s because my boys of Five Finger Death Punch are coming to town to Rock the Tacoma Dome with Shinedown and Sixx AM. Let me tell ya, even if you’re not a major fan of these guys, go to this show. They never disappoint when it comes to putting on a kick ass show with incredible stage presence, props, pyro, lights, and fan involvement. And when coupled with the same kind of energy that Shinedown brings to the table, you’ll be glad you went to this show.

You may not know what songs to keep an ear out for or “study up” to be able to sing along with the crowd. So here are my Top 5 Five Finger Death Punch Songs.

#5. “Wash it All Away” – Got Your Six Album

Probably my favorite song off of their newest album, “Wash it All Away” is an excellent introduction for new fans into the more hardcore music of Five Finger Death Punch. It’s a great combination of song and scream that shows a lot of the range that vocalist Ivan moody has. Expect this one to be in the live set.

#4 “Way of the Fist” – Way of the Fist Album

The title track of their debut album, “Way of the Fist” showed the world what this band was about. Fast paced, hard hitting, and relentless, this song just makes me want to tee off on a heavy bag. If you’re going to be in the pit during this show and this song kicks up, be ready, because it’s about to go down.

#3 “Hard to See” – War is the Answer Album

Another more melodic song from their best album in my opinion, “Hard to See” is an easy song to sing along to that’s perfect for blowing off some steam on the drive home. They tend to play this song at every show that they do, and it’s easy to see why.

#2 “Under And Over It” – American Capitalist Album

It had to be on here. I know everybody loves this song and all the “true fans” like the non-mainstream songs, but I’m sorry, this song is f***in awesome. It was made while the band was rising to the top and just kept the momentum going. Disclaimer: the first time I heard this song was also the first time I saw them live at my very first Pain in the Grass, so it’s got some nostalgic value to me.

#1 “Burn it Down” – War is the Answer Album

This song absolutely defines this band. Expect this to be played during the show, and leave it all on the stage because this song gets the crowd going like no other song in their repertoire. True Story: I saw them at the Paramount years ago and they closed with this song. I was up on the balcony with about 200 other rabid knuckleheads jumping and shouting “Burn it Down” and I felt the ground beneath me waving and shaking. I thought for sure we were about to crush the people beneath us. This song brings out the beast inside of most all Death Punch fans and is a must know.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you guys for today. Let it be known that I love most all 5FDP songs so while it may not have made the Top 5, It is probably still in heavy rotation on my iPod.  Regardless, you should still check these guys out and find your favorite songs. I hope to see all you Knuckleheads at the Dome!


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Mike Hawk is OUT