Mike's Top 5 2018 Seahawk Games

Hawk on Hawk Action

April 23, 2018

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Hola 12s!


It's that delicious time of year! The Seahawks Schedule is fresh off the presses! And I've got to say I like what I see! Here's my picks for the Top 5 Games of the Year!


#5 Week 8 @ Detroit

There's a few reasons why this game is so far back in the lineup, and not all of them good for us. Detroit has been spending the past couple years putting a team together and they will be making their run for their first Super Bowl appearance very shortly. That, and our boys don't have a very strong record when they leave the Evergreen State. That being said, they are still a team that can be described as average, but they'll give the boys a fight. Coming off of a bye week doesn't hurt our case either.


#4 Week 6 Vs Oakland in London

I like this game just because of the novelty of it. It's 10am, which is a great time to enjoy a football game on a Sunday. It's the team that took Lynch, and I truly think that we can dominate the Raiders, being that we'll be coming off our first game against the Rams. If I can use my powers of ESP, I'd say that this will be a much needed victory. The couple weeks leading up to this game look a little dicey and I don't know how to judge how we'll be playing by week 6 at this point.

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#3 Week 16 Vs KC (Sunday Night Football)

This is another game that I'm a little rocky about. They finished 10-6 last season, but kinda duffed out in the playoffs. They've always been a team that I have notice comes out of the gate really strong in the season, but then seems to settle and hang back later on in the year. But I know that they're not going to waltz into the CLink with expectations of walking away with an easy win. Especially because of who it is and when it is. It's our last primetime game, Sunday Night Football, our boys always perform in primetime. 


#2 Week 14 Vs Minnesota (Monday Night Football)

This was a hard decision. Minnesota has been up and coming lately and where a whispers breath of being the first team to host their own Super Bowl last year.  I think prime time football and at home is going to be the perfect setting to take on this team. In my opinion, the Vikings took some hits this offseason with trades, I think they lost some people that they didn't realize they needed, and they will not perform like they were last season. I forsee a spectacular victory for the Hawks on this one.

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#1 Week 11 Vs Green Bay (Thursday Night Football)

This is my pick for the must-watch game of the year. Look ahead in your DVRs and record this one right now. Say what you will about the Niners, the Rams, the Panthers, or the Pats, the Packers are THE rival in Seattle, and have been for a few seasons now. Green Bay still will not talk about "Black Sunday" and continue to do their best to deliver a blood-laden football game whenever they get the misfortune of meeting our boys on the gridiron. The last 2 seasons, the packers have been fortunate to be able to bring the Hawks to Lambo and invoke their will, but it is time to bring them back to the west end and remind them who the true powerhouse of the NFC is. Prime rime rivalry football in Seattle, this is going to be football at it's core, and I think the Hawk will be able to stand over the mangled collective corpse of the Packer clan at the end of the night.

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But these are just my Top 5. I'll be back next week to bring you more. With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!