[VIDEO] Minicamp Mania!

Hawk on Hawk Action

June 20, 2019

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s!

We're officially less than 50 days away from watching our boys in action once again! Which means that we as fans are fighting for every opportunity to see what our future brings!

As a lot of you know, the Minicamps are already underway, and a lot of talent is beginning to blossom within the ranks! Both offensively and defensively!

Caught this video of Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer while he's mic'd up and it looks promising. Based on the little portions that we're getting it looks like they're sticking with the high energy, almost college-like coaching style for the offense. Very competition oriented and growth through positive reinforcment. It also looks like they're focusing on getting the ball out of Russell's hands as quickly as possible which could imply a couple things. 1. They're just trying to get his timing up, or 2. They're going with the idea that they still don't have the strongest O-line. My personal belief is a little mixture of both. Having a quick quarterback and receivers can be devastating if there's an O-line that gives them both enough time. I also wouldn't be surprised if we see a little more TE usage (C'mon Dissley!) this season on the short pass. Check it out and see for yourself!


On the other hand, we have a lovely little video from our Passing Game Coordinator Andre Curtis! This was one of the weaker areas of our game this last season due to both injuries and young players, but based on what I'm seeing, they're ironing out the issues. From what I see here, they're sticking to their tride and true domination method of defense. Choke em to submission and stomp em to death. There's a lot more explosive reaction from these guys and they're starting to show reminants of that lovely defense we knew from years prior. They still have a ways to go, but I have to say that I like the drills that I can see and the focus and growth that they're working on. Check it out. 


They're obviously not going to show us everything in these videos, can't be showing anybody and everybody how they go about practicing, but It never fails to get me in the football season mood watching our boys back out on the field again. We got 7 short more weeks until the first Preseason game against the Broncos 12s. Hang in there, it's right around the corner! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!