Missed it By The Skin Of Their Teeth

Hawk on Hawk Action: WAS @ SEA Review

November 6, 2017

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Heya 12s!


Welp, that happened, let's dive in.


The Good: is a little short this week. The good news is that our second half dominant play style is still consistent. Adjustments were made and the guys turned it on like they always do. It was a close game right to the finish. Buuuuuuut...

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The Bad: is all the points that we left on the field. Blair Walsh, I'm lookin at you. You can't go 0/3 and not expect some blowback. Now, while it was a rough day for Blair, I'll give him a pass. I know his history, i know what happened the last time we saw him when he wasn't a part of the team, and I know that he's no Steven Hauschka, but he's our guy. We need to quit complaining about what we have and either replace him, or get behind him and show him support, and that's the mood I'm in today. It was raining and snowing like a sonofabitch on Sunday and he had a bad day. Let's give him the rest of the season to redeem himself.

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The Big Picture: This was a rough loss, but it was a hell of a game. The Seahawks fought hard and the Redskins fought hard, and they came out on top. I think the biggest factor was missing Earl Thomas this week. I think we felt that throughout the game. But the good news is that he should be back and we should be back to full capacity for the next week against Arizona. I'm gonna give Russ the MVP this week. The man is still the magician that we know and love and support. Without him, this team will not be the force that we still are today.

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This is not the worst loss we've faced this season. The boys still continue to show up and fight each week, and they just got bested. It came down to the final plays, and they came out ahead. They still gave us a fun game to watch. Buck up 12s, we've got a short week before we go into Arizona. Let's recover and take back the win streak! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!