Mistakes To Leave in the Past

Hawk on Hawk Action

December 17, 2018

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Hola 12s!


Well, that was a mess. This is one of those situations where we get out over our skis and aren't able to recover. But I will say, they did what I thought they would do, they just didn't finish like I expected. I said they would hold back and the niners would get too close for comfort, but they would ultimately win. You know the rest. Let's dive in and break down what went wrong.



Yet again, we see that our offense crumbles without DJ Fluker. Simmons did a great job of filling the roll, but as soon as he went out because of an injury, we started seeing weakness in Ifedi, and Pocic was too cold to compete. On top of that, there were missed targets by Wilson, poor run organization by the coordinator and poor execution by the team. The first drive looked great, but they just didn't make the necessary adjustments to finish the game. Baldwin get's a big A though for that amazing second effort touchdown. Poetry in motion.

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Let's give a quick gold star and round of applause to Jarran Reed. That man was an absolute animal this week and should be proud of his performance. The entire line should be happy with what they put out this week. But the Niners offense exploited a pretty severe hole in our defense, a very young secondary. I've been talking up these boys all season, but they showed that they've still got some adjusting to do, especially with what we've got coming next week. I'm confident that Norton will teach these boys what they need, but they showed a weakness that you can be sure will be exploited by the Chiefs.

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Special Teams

I'm not going to come on here and bad mouth Seabass again. We went to overtime when we should've won by 1 point.....I literally have no energy to exclaim how frustrating it is to see the man miss a chip shot of an extra point to show weakness right out of the gate and then miss your opportunity to redeem yourself by giving absolutely no effort at all to take down a man that is 1 block away from returning a kickoff all the way back to the house. But again, I don't have the energy. F.....freakin F for special teams this week....


This was a rough week to be a Seahawks fan. We're on the rise, team after team is starting to get a bad feeling in their gut when they have to play us again, and we blow an opportunity to smash division rivals for a second time. We can blame the refs (Terrible officiating. Period. Both sides. All day), we can blame the field (deplorable) but we just straight blew it, we got cocky and forgot that even though they're 3-10, they're still an NFL team. Now we need to take out KC here at home in order to guarantee ourselves a spot in the playoffs, and we need to win out if we're going to maintain our 5th seed. Not impossible, but it's looking bleak if this week's performance is the kind of team that we are and want to be. Regardless, it's in the past, we've been here before, we need to put this game in the history books where it belongs, pull up our bootstraps, lower our shoulder and smash the Chiefs like our boys know how. Hang in there 12s, this was a harsh setback, far from the end of the season. Let's take Sunday Night! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!